Morning Routines

I don't know what I am doing differently but I just can't get it straight in the morning lately and falling behind in my regular routine.  Yesterday after school we went to my son's swimming lessons and then I came home made supper, washed dishes, made lunches, prepared breakfast to go in toaster oven, laundry, got clothes ready for this morning all just to make sure that I get ready on time this morning.  By the time I was done everything it was 7:30 at night!  So we will see how it goes this morning.

I was not able to try the chicken recipe last night as my hubby was invited out for supper with one of his friends and wanted me to make it when he was there, so my son and I had something different.  Tonight though... it is happening!

Water is still a weak spot for me and I hope that I can get drinking it again here.  It really helps me losing wt.

Running... what can I say!  I did not run again last night.... I wish I did though.  No promises tonight.

Other than that, food wise is still going well and I am noticing a difference in the scale with my little peaks every morning.  I just hope I can keep this up as I really need to find a balance with my eating and not let the food get the better of me.  Again this summer I have let it take over and with my family heredity, small figures are a rare sight.  I must re-train my thinking.

Well gotta run!  Take care!


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to stick to a routine when your so busy and there is so much to do. I always find evenings just fly by! I didn't make my chicken either! LOL- by the time I got my errands done it was too late. Hope today runs a bit smoother for you and maybe you can have an hour or so to relax!