One good thing.

Is that I live so close to my new school that I work at that I can walk or bike to it!  I have been walking the first part with my son to his school and then biking the rest to mine.  It is nice to be able to do that.

Well yesterday I am sure I almost OD'd on veggies here that I struggled for a bit.  I think I need to balance my meals more with some more protein.  I told myself that I could eat... it just had to be veggies if it was not planned.  Water was not the greatest so have to work on that one also.  Caffeine headache was not as bad as before and no timmies again.  Just my one cup from home.  I did treat myself to some flex pts last night with a child's size expresso gelato in a bowl.  It sure hit the spot!

I did not manage to get out for a bit of a run yesterday as I ended up getting some groceries that I forgot to pick up, my laundry, and odd things around the house.  Was just too tired after.

Well just a quick note today as I am running just a bit behind here.  Have a great one all and I will check out posts after work.


Tanya said...

You are doing great. Sometimes you have to forgo excerise to get some of the other stuff done.

JavaChick said...

Glad to hear the caffeine headache is getting better! Hang in there!