First day done.

Well, I made it in my first day back on. :)  with my school job and my current wt I am allowed 22 daily pts and have reset my wi day back to Sundays for now.  I only had 24 pts yesterday and had only one time that I felt a bit too hungry - supper was late. ;P  Also, I could have made my breakie a bit better... Today will be a bit of a test as I didn't really have much experience being on ww while working in the schools let alone the type of school I am in now - very physically demanding.  I have packed extra veggies and and apple and we will see how it goes.  I tried just having a home made coffee yesterday, and just one... and boy did I have a headache!!!  Caffeine withdrawals.... I am going for it again today.

I am so happy right now as I was just going through all my clinic members that ran their goal race, the half marathon yesterday and I am amazed at their results!!!  They did an awesome job and I am sooooo proud of them. :D  I just received an email from a few detailing their race and I so wish I was there for them... I can't wait for more details and pics to come.  It is funny... yet absolutely amazing that one girl in particular, with her half time, it puts her in the running for Boston qualifying!  If she could manage to run the full, I am sure she would make it.  What an accomplishment.

Well, besides a bit of house work yesterday and raiding my mom's garden, that was about it for doing anything.  We were going to head out bowling last night but we were all just being lazy. lol  Today is working and then finishing up the laundry. Maybe a bit of a run in there. :)

It was great yesterday to catch up on everyone!  Catch ya later!


Tanya said...

Your back! Glad to see it, I was wondering were you have been lately.

JavaChick said...

Those caffeine withdrawal headaches are not fun, I feel for you. But hopefully it won't last long. :)