Finally back!

Well, it has been a rough one here for me.  Super busy between instructing the half marathon clinic, and working my summer job which I ended just before my regular school job.  Yes, for all who don't know, we could not afford for me to continue to go to university so I managed to get my job back with the school system here.  My mom and my Nanny have been in and out of the hospital here also.

The half marathon clinic just ended here this past week and this morning they are running their goal race in Regina!  Pretty excited about that one. :)  I decided not to attend as I have tonnes to do around here and finally catch up with everything.

Back to running is going well and I am continuing to take it slow here for time out there.  It was hard to face the fact that races for the rest of this year were going to be not happening for me and maybe I will just do the Santa Shuffle here and the Resolution Run.  That is pretty much it.  I was doing quite well with swimming, biking, and running... then my schedule just got way to busy so I just have been running when I can here.  It is kinda nice though to just go out and not have the pressure of that race right now with the demand of making sure I get so many k's in.

Wt. wise...?  Now that is a sad one.  It seems like I have let the food get the better of me here and I am officially 140.8 lbs here this morning and registering back with ww.  I was careless and just could not control everything.  All my baggy pants that were falling off of me before are now tight.  McD's, Tim Horton's, DQ were my best friends this summer - pretty sad to say.  I have been weening myself off here of them to get ready for re-starting today.  It is weird though as I am starting to believe that wives tale about Timmies putting something in their coffee to make it addictive as I just HAVE to have like one or two a day!!!  When I drank coffee from home or work before, I would have just one and it would last all day...  not to mention it would be with sweetener and skim milk!  NOT a regualer double double... ;P

Now here is the worst possible bad health thing for me.... smoking.  Some of those death daggers have been silently slipping back into my life again.  I need to get on top of that one NOW!!!!

Now all the bad news out of the way, my son and I finally managed to get to the lake here the Sept. long weekend (last weekend) and we had a blast.  We were able to go fishing a couple of times but my son got upset when my uncle said we were only catching and releasing.  So I told my son we would do more next yr and I would finally teach him to filet some fish.  It was too bad though as we would have had 3 fish worth of filets to bring home. :(

My son has had a few rough days in there up until Wed of last week.  My ex-husband decided to changed his flight home and we could not get in to refill his meds with his doc because they were busy.  So it was a bit rough to say the least.

My son has decided he wants to try bowling and swimming here this yr so we have started that last week.  I am still trying to decide about what extra activity for myself here and if I want to do anything besides running.  Our community association has some yoga classes I may look into that are quite cheap but not quite the same as the expensive hot yoga I like so much.  But I do miss it...

I have really appreciated the comments from all you guys and I have thought about all of you often.  I just have been overwhelmed with everything going on.  I know I am more accountable when I blog even if no one reads it, it is just nice to have those cyber kicks in the but once and a while. lol  I am ashamed but not ashamed of how I let myself go and know what I have done wrong.  I was going for the quick meals to satisfy my needs and should have been prepared more.  I knew I was putting on wt but still continued with it - which leaves me thinking I have some sole searching to do around here.  I have to find my balance again.

Well, enough about me already!  Now to see how everyone else is doing!


Melanie said...

good to see you back! :) don't get discouraged, you'll get there again :)

JavaChick said...

Good to see you back! I'm sure once you start WW again, the weight will come off.