My son is gone now...

He is now gone till almost the start of school. :(  We headed out on Tuesday.

My son and I had a good weekend prior as we went for a real trail ride on our mountain bikes and a picnic, then we went to the pool where he ended up swimming for 3 hrs.  I gave up after 1 hr as I was getting pretty cold.  We had lots of fun though and I wish I could have done more with him as we never did get to the lake to go fishing. :(

Man the weather here has been interesting!  Wicked storms and tornado sightings, watches, and warnings here.  The wind the past couple of days has been furious!  One of our friends was in a car accident 2 days ago because of the wind.  It pulled his car so much that when he tried to keep it on the road, it lost control.

Speaking of highways and accidents... it was pretty disturbing to hear all about what had happened on that greyhound bus.  I could not possibly imagine what everyone must have gone through and still is.  My condolences to the victim's family.

I haven't had much time to go for my runs this week or even swimming for that matter.  I managed a short bike ride last night with the clinic group but only did a couple of hills.  I was going to go for my run last night but felt pretty drained, so tonight after work I am heading out there for one.  I have moved up now to the big 4 min runs with a 1 min walk now!!  Once I have done my 3 of those, I move up to 15 mins steady. :)

Wt wise... oh my... 136.4!!!  I really have to get smartened up here... not too happy with myself at the moment.

Well, I hope all are managing to enjoy their summer somewhat.  I hope to be back again tomorrow here.


Melanie said...

ya, that bus thing is horrific.... i don't even thing horror movie producers could come up with stuff like that. glad to see that you're running more pain-free and moving up. with regards to my bad luck lately... at least someone can learn from my mistakes and stupidity :) i shoulda just unclipped rather than try to balance... plus i think i got distracted, i was looking for the nearby firehouse that i knew was around

JavaChick said...

Agreed, very disturbing. From what I have read, it seems like it was completely unprovoked, I can't help but think there must be something seriously wrong with the perpetrator. So sad, and kind of scary.

Weight-wise, I am right there with you. I really need to figure out how to get in weight loss mode and stay there.