Activities this Week

My son and I have been trying to keep busy by doing some stuff together before he leaves for his visit with his dad.
I took the camera and used it underwater for the first time, since I can with it, but those pics are hilarious AND embarrassing... :)
Go Karting at the new go kart place here.  I had to change karts three times because the first adult one the seat slipped back and I could not reach the peddles.  The second one we realized the adult ones were just too big, so I ended up in a kids one. lol  We had lots of fun!!!
Then we went for some mini golf at the same location as the karts.  Loved the course as it was way longer than where we usually go.  It even had some REAL greens for puttin!

Last of all we went to the driving range for a bit which was located there also.  They only had one size of club so it was pretty big for the both of us.  My son was trying to teach me how to drive a ball out there...  I guess you need to have some of those tee things.  Thankfully one man gave us a few. :)

So, today my son is going to visit my mom and sis with the new baby, and Nanny while I head to work for 8 hrs here.  Tonight will just be some relaxing and maybe a small run later when it is cooler.  Tomorrow we are going swimming again and then not too sure what else.  I would still like to get a nice bike ride in with my son on the trails with a pic nic lunch also... I guess we will just see how the time goes.

Other than that, I slept in again for my swim. :(  So I will need to either find a time this weekend for some lanes or just call it done for the week.

Wt wise... still up. :(


Melanie said...

looks like a great mom/son weekend! looks like he really enjoyed himself! :)