Should have brought the camera

Those puppies were so CUTE!!!  Austin had a blast with them.  The mom was just a darling and sooooo sweet.  I am not sure if I gave any back ground to these dogs but a breeder for pitbulls could not do it any more so my friends (which are family to the breeder) were trying to find homes for everyone.  In the mean time two of the dogs got pregnant and all were soon to be meeting a bullet if no homes were found.  They managed to find one home that would take one mom and puppies, but the other mom they couldn't, so they drove to Alberta to get them.  The one male is still out there though, but supposively has a home.  The mom, Mysteek, is a gorgeous well trained dog and the puppies are the cutest.  My friends are going to keep one of the puppies and the mom may be going out to a farm.  It is a good thing I do not have a farm right now or otherwise the mom would be coming with me.  She was so well mannered and just loved Austin. :)

Yesterday, my son and I did not manage to do very much besides go out for supper, look at the puppies, and then played a board game.  It was so rainy, stormy, and ugly out that we were not able to do very much.  Today they are saying rain again here so I am going to look in the phone book to see if I can find some indoor things.

I have hills on the schedule tonight with the running group and I will be out there with my bike with them.  I may be going out for a run here in a bit before my son wakes up so I can get it done.

Other than that, not too much else is happening here.

Condolences are sent to Tanya and her family right now...  ((((hugs))))