Sleepy Wednesday

I did it again... I slept in on my alarm this morning and missed my swim. :(  It looks like I will be fighting the crowds here at noon now then.

Later this afternoon I will be going to my Physio for an assessment in the gym and such.  I was going to email him earlier this week to get my new running schedule for the week but decided to hold off until today when I see him.   I finally managed to go out for a run last night at about 10 pm when it was cooler out.  I only headed out for 30 mins since my son was home and no hubby.  Since yesterday afternoon at work, I have had a bit of a tight ITB - not affecting the knee, up in the side of the thigh - so I took it easy on the run and stretched before and afterwards.  I woke up this morning and I could still feel some tightness so all exercise will be gaged on that today.  Something has to be out of alignment here as I am doing all core work, stretches with foam roller and such and still something is a a bit off here.  Physio was to look at my hips and see if there is anything there so I will maybe see today.  Knee feels wonderful!  Still continuing to ice lots after everything just to be careful.  Something tells me that I either have to go for some orthodics or my shoes are off.  You know I never had a problem with my body until I got fitted for some shoes?  I always used to wear just regular cushioning or the ol' Asics 1000's series and not a problem.  It still seems like I am running on the outside of my shoes at the moment which would mean too much arch support.  Good thing that I am just about due for some new shoes here... I can justify it more. lol

Well, it is cloudy and rainy here so I am trying to think of some indoor stuff to do with my son here today.  I have found someone to take my clinic group out for their run tonight so I can spend some time with my son also.  We are not heading to the lake (cabin) now because it is going to be full of men. :(  Later tonight we are going to head to my friend's house and let my son check out the pitbull puppies they have - NO... not for us... just to look at them since they are sooooo cute and my son would LOVE that. :)

Well, off I go to feed the zoo and then some core work for me until my son wakes up. :)

Edit:  Well I just got back from physio and a running store.  I am now in a neutral shoe... lol  I have also received some new running drills for pre and post runs to do to correct some of my gait problems.  My toe out on my rt foot has been corrected, I just now have to run with a bit of a wider stance - feet wider apart so my center of gravity is below my hips and not in the middle.  So in between going for my 1500m swim... then having a bit of a work out at physio... I am wiped!  Now to break in some new shoes. :)


JavaChick said...

Must be going around...I slept through the alarm this morning too and was 20 minutes late waking up.

You'd think my husband (who was awake, sitting at his computer) would notice the time and wonder why I wasn't up already...Oh well.