Wow... two days in a row :)

Well I did not manage to go out for my run yesterday so it looks like tonight I will be heading out after work.  I was pretty bummed out yesterday as $20 was missing from my till. :(  I was hardly on it as I was out doing some other stuff around there.  Not too overly sure who else was on there besides the two other managers that I know of.  So I stressed myself out over that.  Things happen I know but I have never had that happen in over 20 yrs that I have dealt with cash!  Also... I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to a few things. lol

So, besides working and running tonight, I am heading out shortly to pick up a new swim cap and goggles as the ones I have fit a bit funny and hurt.  So I am going to try some different ones.  With all the talk about bikes on blogs and another forum... I just may go look at some here.  NOT BUY, just look. :)  I would not mind a cyclocross or a road bike as it seems that a tri or du is in my future I think.  Next yr though.... I have to focus on getting my base back up to a comfortable level here.  I have thought more about a cyclocross as it would be good for commuting and for some tri's.  It won't be as speedy as the road bike but would suite my needs more.  I won't go for a tri bike as I won't be focusing on winning anything, just out for the fun and experience.  Heh, I have even seen some MTB's out there!

You know, I checked on the scale this morning and things just do not want to budge here.  Soooo frustrating!!!  Stress, lack of sleep, and a few other factors I know are affecting it but I thought for sure with the last couple of days here things would have gone down some.  OH well... keep on moving! lol

Nanny is still the same.  My hubby is heading out here till this weekend for work so it is just going to be my son and I around here.  I am trying to plan some interesting stuff around my work schedule.

Well, time to go get some more stuff done. :)