What can I say...

But holy hanna I have been sooooo busy!  If it was not one thing it was another here.  I am finding that I am going to bed really late and having to get up super early just to fit everything in. :(  Time for some restructuring here...

My Nanny came out of the hospital on Monday cause she did not want to be there anymore.  Then on Sat. she was admitted again.  She is coming back home today but with home care and family taking care of the IV.  She can't stand the hospital and feels that it is just making her worse so we are trying to make her as comfortable as we can here.

Two of my Best Friends are moving this last week and I have been too busy to even help them!  I feel so bad as they have always been their for me.  As soon as I have some time here, I am going to see if I can go and help them somehow.

We are driving my son to Calgary here next week and I am trying to do as many things here in my spare time as I can because when he gets back, it will be time for school and we have not managed to enjoy our summer as planned. :(  We haven't even gone camping here this year!!!!  I don't think we will have a chance either. :(  So.... I am going to try to do things here in between everything so we can have some fun.  We have gone swimming together once, minnie golf, movie, Taste of Sask., 20 minute RR challenge, and I hope we can get out for some more swimming, minnie golf, fishing, and biking before he goes.

Ah... the RR 20 minute challenge!  It was a blast!  My son walked with me since I was the leader of the walking group because I did not want to take my bike for the runners - too crowded.  We enjoyed some cake afterwards and received this year's green hat to our collection. :)

Wt. wise it has been crazy here.  First of all, at the beginning of last week I thought things were coming back down and then on Friday's wi, I was high again at 135.8!  I am really going to try to get cracking here to see some improvement by this Friday.

Running is slowly coming back as I am moving up to 3 mins running this week with 2 mins walking and still my 10 mins of both warmup and cool down.  On Friday I made my first 5k since my injury and was sooooo excited!!!!  I have been managing to swim over 1000m twice a week, and bike 3 times a week here (one of them being over 20k).  Mind you, part of it is with the runners on their long runs but the rest of about 7k is there and back.  I know I am doing something because my muscles are getting harder and showing more, so I know I am gaining muscle but I would really like to see some wt disappear.  It will start to show sooner or later... I know... my body is just in transition getting all my muscle back, but it can be sooooo frustrating!  I am trying my best to be patient though.

It was great to catch up and read everyone's blogs here again and I really need to find some daily time again to get back on here again.  I feel that it really does keep me on track and I am missing it. :(

Work is crazy busy and I have been asked numerous times to work extra since they are sooooo short staffed.  I just wish we had more time during the day....

Food wise I am trying my best and there has been some weaker days... but it is getting better.  This week I will be really focusing on going over and beyond my water intake to flush things out a bit.

Well take care all and I hope to be back here again tomorrow!


Tanya said...


Its really hard and stressful I can understand how you feel. My nanny doesn't want to be in the hospital either. We are looking into home care for her right now. Where do you live again? Driving to Calgary?