What a week!

Ok... sorry I have not been around to post lately but things sure have been a whirl wind around here...

First of all... McD's has sure been keeping me busy and on my feet.  The people there have been great and very helpful.  That till though is going to be the death of me. lol  I have worked every day here except Sun., Thurs., and Fri.  Yesterday I even went and got some gel inserts for my shoes cause boy oh boy have my feet been killing me. lol

Last Sunday, I get this phone call and my Nanny was rushed in to the hospital because she had broken out in a rash all over the front part of her trunk and was throwing up continuously.  In the mean time my youngest sister (23) was starting to have labour pains....  We were wondering if we were going to have to take her in also at this pt.  So... my Nanny got worse and things spread all over her body and we just found out today the cause of it.  Something must have gotten in her during her surgery to take out the cancer when her breast was removed earlier this year. :(  They are hoping to get it under control but said it may come back again. What!?!  She is finally starting to see some improvement but she is super tired and is sick of being in the hospital here and wants to come home NOW.  We are still not sure when she will get out.

In the mean time my sis's contractions were getting worse.  Monday morning she was taken in and finally on Tues., July 9th, my first niece was born.  Callandra (Cally for short) was born.  Here is a pic that is of Cally and I on Wed.
We had to laugh because she was born at 7:11 am and so we said we should all celebrate with big gulps for everyone.  I had to have a big laugh also because we have something in common.  7 11.  My birthdate is that number also. lol  My son was so excited to see her!  He insists though that we have to call her by her proper name, Callandra, though. :)  That is so him.

So... as we back up a bit here to Tuesday... I went for my last acupuncture appt. and guess what... I get to start my back to run program!!!! Wa hooo!  You should have seen the smile on my face and the guy just laughed at me.  I guess I will be continuing to see him as he is also going to take over my physio part too.  I see him again here hopefully this week if I can manage to get an appt with him.  They were all booked up when I called for this coming week. :(  And... I don't have my schedule yet for the next week.  So, my back to running program is a 10 min walk warmup, 4 x (1 min run/4 min walk), 10 mins cool down, so basically 40 mins in total.  Things feel pretty good so far. 

I have to confess though... once I heard that I was so excited and tensored up my knee and went to a ball tournament and played 2 short games of 4 innings each.  :blush:  I know.... BAD.  I think I was just full of adrenaline. lol  but no pain...

So, I have gone out running twice now with my new program and no problems so pretty happy about that.  As soon as I can get an appt with my physio guy, he is going to take me in to the gym and go through some stuff like my gait and that to see if we can get some stuff sorted out.  I have noticed that my gait is off a bit since I injured my leg so I need to get on top of this now.

So... as the week continued.. if you have not figured it out already, it was my birthday yesterday and what did I do?  I woke up at 6 am to go swimming. lol  I counted laps for the first time yesterday to see how far I was swimming.  I have gone a few times here and this past Thurs was also another day and it felt so good that I wanted to go again the next morning... thus going Friday morning. :)  You know how far I went?  1450 m!!!  This is in 41 mins mind you and not really fast at all, but I am surprised.  But happy.  I am still swimming however I can and swollowing and sputtering lots, but I am doing it and having fun with it.  I even went out and bought myself some new goggles (I lost my last pair) and a speedo cap so I would not choke over my hair anymore.

I then treated myself to a Timmies coffee and went home.  Then my aunt called me to take me to breakie for my B'day.  So I went.  Came home and then took my bike to get some more of a road tire on it to make life easier since I am on the roads more right now and not trails.  Then we went to the movie "Journey to the Centre of the Earth."  Check out the cool shades. :)
If you thought this was a nerd convention... wrong... we are wearing these funky glasses because the movie was in 3-D.  All I can say is that this was a super cool movie to see and boy have they come far with these 3-D movies!  My heart was just a racing!  I just had to have someone take a pic of the 3 of us while we were there with our cool shades.  By the way... I had a water during the movie... no popcorn!

In the rest of the afternoon, we stopped by to see my mom and my sis with Cally.  We were informed that they had forgotten a huge bag of brand new gifts for Cally at the parking pay thing at the hospital.  So my hubby and I drove there to see if anyone had turned it in and thankfully someone did.  The cloths... fine... but there was a $140 breast pump in there that they were worried about and you know what?  Everything was still account for!  So we returned it back to my sis. :)

The rest of the day, my hubby treated us to OPA (greek food) and we watched the movie "The Ruins."  I had read the book already and really wanted to see the movie.  Let's just say that not too many people will like it... but I thought it was not too bad... just not one of my favorites - just a renter.  Then it was early to bed for me since I had to get up early for my longest shift yet at McD's - 8 hrs.

This leaves me to today.  My feet are sore... I am tired... and I think I have finally caught up on everyone's blogs for now.  I finally managed to visit my Nanny in the hospital tonight which was good.  Now, since I get to get up early again tomorrow to bike with the run club as they do their first 14 k run, I am heading to bed.  For me in total it will mean about a 24k bike ride.  Then tomorrow night I work at McD's.... long day for me again.  I am supposed to go out for a run but it may wait for Monday after a good night's sleep. ;)

Well, take care all and I am off to sleep.


Tanya said...

Wow you have had a crazy week. Sorry to hear about your Nanny but congrats on the new baby.

Melanie said...

happy belated birthday! i'm so glad that you got the ok to run again, but don't get too excited! I'd hate to read about you injured again! Take it easy and enjoy! congrats on being a new auntie, and i hope your nanny gets better soon!

John said...

I love the serious look in the baby holding picture. HA! I will have to come by again and check out the rest of your blog.