Happy Fourth of July!

I hope all our southern neighbours are having a great day today! ;)

As for the not running right now... I am ok with this and know that I am not ready.  I still feel like my knee is not right and the pain that I have that comes is just plain wrong.  Even when there is no pain, my knee still feels like it is puffy somehow - just not right.  Thanks for bearing with me everyone! :)

Today has been quite the busy day for me here as I finally managed to sleep in till 8:30 am for once :) and then I realized that I still had not written my weekly email to my running clinic members!  So... instead of taking advantage of a bit of quiet time before heading to work, I completed my email including all the running routes planned for the week.

Then I went to work for my second orientation training time as the Wed. night one was cancelled.  It was a pretty good joke around the restaurant about me working there 20 yrs ago and I had many questions about 'did you have this... or that then?' lol  It really was quite cute.  Then they left me to continue showing some of the other new people there with me on how to do some things since I guess I remembered correctly. lol  So all in all it was pretty interesting and I am actually quite surprised at how much the chain has changed in some areas.  It is in fact a better place to work employee wise than before!  There are WAY more perks too. ;)  So I am finding a light with this and making the best out of it.  In fact I actually had fun.  It is so different to go to work and not have to think (not saying it is a no brainer job) and have so much pressure and responsibilities like my school job.  Depending on my injury... I may even try a bit of softball on Tuesday if I get the OK since McD's is having all the restaurants here in a tournament against each other then.

As for food... I have to confess... this morning since I was in such a rush to get going and get my email out I did not have time to make something to eat so.... I took advantage of my food discount and ate just before my shift at McD's.  I was weak, but it tasted soooooo good! lol  I must remember to plan to eat more at home because I can't have me eating there like that because it is WAY to convenient.  I also can't have all that weight come back on either.

Speaking of wt.. I was up 1 lb this week.  Not overly happy but then again, I did not manage to get some swimming in and I also had a bit of a flare up with the injury again.  So I was not moving as much as I was last week.

Tonight I am relaxing and taking turns between tensoring and icing my knee, and watching TV.  Tomorrow is about a 20k bike ride so I need to be rested up here.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great day!


Anonymous said...

Injuries can be so frustrating! Good for you for not pushing it. It will be healed before you know it, and you will be back to running soon =)

Having McD's once is okay. It's the preplanning for the rest of the time and saying no that is harder!

Hope you enjoyed your bike ride =)

Tanya said...

I am glad you are liking the new job. I hope you will be able to play softball. We will both lose this week I know it.