HBC Canada Day Run

The HBC Canada Day run was FANTASTIC!!!  Picking up our race/event package was quite smooth, the shirt was awesome, and the goodie bag was the best ever. :)  We just made it to the start of the 10k race at 8 am and I took loads of pics of people that were in my clinic and of many others that I knew.  We then headed for our huge pancake breakfast where we were offered pancakes, sausage, ham, bacon, and eggs all buffet style with a choice of juice or coffee to drink.  After we had finished eating we headed over to watch the 10k runners cross the finish line where I took many photos. lol  

My son had his 1k event next and managed to finish under 7 mins and I was quite proud of him on his first ever 1k event!  The picture above is of my son's Educational Assistant, my son, me, and my BF Kerry (we ran my first full marathon together).

Next up was our 3k walk event and I ended up playing a bit of cat and mouse with my son's EA to keep her moving. lol  I would keep on saying 'I am catching up to you' and she would move quicker and at one point she broke in to a jog just so I would not catch up.  I eventually did. ;), with NO running. :)  I am not too sure what the 3k walking time was and I really don't care too much.  I had stopped so much to take pics along the way of everyone and even the spectators that I knew! lol  I was basically just being a goof and having some fun.

The main thing was that my whole family managed to get out and do something together.  My hubby was there to but I don't quite like the pic of me. :(  That is why it is not posted.

The weather was beautiful and we ended up staying after for some cake that was made for the event which was 4 feet by 8 feet!  Then we sat on the grass and enjoyed some multicultural dances by various groups.  We ended up leaving around 1:30 pm to get back home to the animals and full intentions to come back for the fireworks, but some people forgot to wear sunscreen and ended up a bit burnt.  So needless to say we stayed home for the rest of the day.

In running news... there is a possibility that I may be able to start the back to running program here come Friday!  The acupuncture is doing so well that things are healing up great!  So, pretty happy here. :D

Tonight is my second orientation with McD's.  The first night we spent most of the time watching cartoon training video thing.  It was informative, but WAY different then what I watched 20 yrs ago!

Because of the McD's shift being an orientation, I have made arrangements for me not being with the running group tonight.  I believe the manager will do it in stead.  After tonight, I should not be scheduled to do another shift during my run times again. 

Well, I should get going here as I wanted to do a bike ride and some physio exercises before I start some cleaning on the house.

Hope everyone has had a great Canada Day and today you are recouping nicely. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a good time at your HBC run! I'm happy to see that your healing with accupuncture. I've never tried it, but my husband loves it! I forgot to mention that I will be sending out your cookbook today. Yesterday was a holiday...I forgot!So the post office wasn't open. I will today though! Have a good day =)

Tanya said...

Looks like you had a great day. I love the picture you are so thin.

Melanie said...

glad to hear that the acupuncture is working! hope you'll be back to running normally in no time! :) sorry about hubby's RCMP thing, but glad that you're working. Funny that it's at the same location as 20 years ago! Where we moved is 5 minutes away from Jay's childhood home too! LOL very weird how that happens. lol have a great day!

JavaChick said...

Sounds like a great day!