Beautiful Morning

I just came back from a small 7.5 k bike ride to see the new development by our newest mall.  Things are shaping up there and there are many businesses and such that I did not even know were going to be there!  I even saw a timmies that was behind everything.  I swear that place is taking over Saskatoon as there are way more Timmies than anything else. lol  I worked up a good sweat though biking along and finding that only when I have to turn right does my leg act up.  Something I will be bringing up today at my physio/acupuncture appt.  I am sure hoping that this acupuncture appt goes as well as the last one because I am seeing remarkable improvements. :D

The weather here is going to be a HOT one today. +33 for this afternoon and I sure hope that the rain that they are calling for later this evening arrives so that it can wet things down a bit.

This morning I am off to get my 'official' McD's uniform!  I still don't think it has hit me too much yet but I need the money and it is SOOOOO close to my house. :)  Tonight I have my first orientation at another location.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their soon to be holidays here and maybe a few of you are taking in some of the Canada Day festivities where ever you are!  Just be safe and have some fun.  Tomorrow we are celebrating Canada Day by all of us doing the HBC Canada Day Run.  I will post pics here from that when I can.

Have a great day!


Irish said...

Good luck on the job at McDs. A job is a job, especially when it helps out with the bills. Besides, you know its not permanent.
My hat is off to you, I think you are doing fabulously in the weight department and your determination is awesome. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

JavaChick said...

Glad to hear your leg is still improving. Good luck with the new job.