Friday's WI

Well I am FINALLY happy to report a loss and NOT another gain here for me.  I was getting a bit scared there as I was trying so hard and the scale just kept showing me going up.  I don't know exactly what I did right yesterday but I will take it.  I do know that I did swim twice this week which I think helped me for cardio since I can't run at the moment.  I will be looking in to getting a pack of 10 passes here maybe next week so I can continue it.  I am feeling the difference in my whole body which I am happy to feel again like when I was running.  I am still sputtering my way through it but I keep moving for 45 mins in the lane back and forth. :)  Not a great speed mind you but at least I was moving. :)

So last night I tried a new way of BBQ'ing my chicken for the burgers and it went really well.  Tonight I am not too overly sure on what I am going to make yet but a BBQ again seems like a plan.  It is raining steadily here so we need a bit of a mood booster.

Since it is so cold, rainy, and miserable out, I am going to pop a movie in and go on the stationary bike for a good ride and hoping for at least 1 hr of it.  We will see how the leg handles that.  Any pain though and I stop.  I also will be doing my physio exercises here.

The leg feels really good again here today and I can really notice that on a weekly average, it is getting better.  The time spent with pain compared to without it is getting less.  I just wish that it would hurry up and heal already though because on the days that there is pain it seems like I back track for some reason and I didn't do anything to aggravate it.  It must have just been the way I took a step or something.  Who knows...  But it is frustrating though because this one area does not want to heal very fast at all.  Everything else is taming down and less flare ups but this one part on a bone is not.  <- kinda makes me wonder if maybe I should have had an x-ray...

This morning I was to be going to a job interview for respite care.  I was excited about it at first but thought about it more and was not sure that it would be good.  Some reasons for this was that it is out of town (would have to drive there when they needed me) and the schedule was just when they needed you.  I have responsibilities to my running clinic and physio right now.  I can see some of this clashing and not to mention that financially I can't really afford to drive out there right now till I get paid.  I also would have to pay for two different record checks right away and can't afford that.  So instead of us all wasting out time, I doubt it would work.  It would have been a great part time/casual job but the uncertainty of my schedule and their schedule was not mixing very well.  So I tried to call here to cancel the interview and such and no one was there so I had to leave a message. :(  I feel pretty bad about it but what can you do... better to figure things out now then later when they are depending on you. Edit:  I have to laugh at this one.... remember I said once upon a time that if I had to I would work at McDonald's I would?  Guess what.  I am going to be working there as of Monday! lol  I thought about it and was just sending out resumes today and filling out applications to places that were close to my house to make things easier.  Well, I got to McD's and they hired me on the spot.  I figure it is a job that will get me through the summer and a wage is a wage where ever you are.  You can't be too fussy when you are looking for 2 mths summer employment and want something close to your house.  Money is money I figure, and right now I need it.  The one great thing about them though is that they will work around my running clinic schedule and stuff which is really good.  So there you go... a new summer job for me. :)  I came out of there laughing and thinking here I am again! (I used to work at the same location 20 yrs ago) lol  How funny is that to go back to a place that I worked at for a bit while in high school.  And for those who may wonder about all the temptations of food there... don't worry, I LOVE their salads more and the rest you get sick of pretty fast.  I have worked WAY to hard to get the wt to come back off again and I would like to get back down to where I was before I left for England.  So... eating there will be avoided at all costs!  I never did hear anything further about working at the Running Room so I needed to move on and make sure I had a job not matter what and that respite job? I decided completely against it - just not suitable enough for me right now.

Well, for everyone going away here for the long weekend, have a safe and fun trip and give me all the juicy details when you get back.  I am sooooo jealous here!  I just love camping, hiking on the trails, swimming, fishing, cabins, exploring, the open fire... ah... the list goes on.  I will just have to settle for a fire in my fire pit and swimming at the pool, oh and my stationary bike. lol

Have fun!


Tanya said...

I am glad you got employment if its at mcdonalds oh well. Its only for two months right. As for your question I haven't hit the track at all lately. I think I am going to have to start from scratch again. That two week sickness really screwed me. Its been really hot here anyways so when i get home its way too hot to go. I might go on tuesday morning though since I am off for canada day.