We actually may get some here!  I know I sound a bit crazy but I really do like them. :)

So today I am feeling pretty good here and just had some problems yesterday during the day a bit.  It's weird right now because I do not feel any problems what so ever... not like I have been moving around much or anything but usually after I feed the dogs and take them outside I start to have some pain.  Now let's just hope that it stays this way. :)

In a bit here I am going to go swimming again for a bit.  Then later tonight I am biking to the RR clinic, biking with them during their run, and then biking home.  I have a funny feeling that I should put on those fenders on my bike that I was talking about the other day.  I never did put them on but considering that it looks like it is going to be rainy all day here, I really should do that at some point here. lol  I can just envision one of those brown streaks up my back and up the front. :)

It is going to a BBQ night again here for us and I am thinking it is going to be chicken burgers.  Other than that I am going to be preparing my clinic discussion for tonight before the run.

Since wi is tomorrow, I am trying really hard to try to move the scale down again but it is really being quite stubborn.  I know my exercise is not quite the cardio that I did before but my eating has been quite good and I am still moving... well, TOM I think may have been the culprit for last week's main gain but this week it should have started to move down a bit.... not much has been showing though. :(  OH well... onwards and downwards... eventually. :)

Have a great day everyone!