Last Day of School!

Well my son's last day of school was today and so it was also my last day of working this school year for me and I did not sub today.  I didn't really think I would get called in but you never know.  So, I went and took my bike for it's first little tune up to adjust anything from after riding for a while from the factory.  I was having a bit of problems with it engaging in some gears but that was about it.  I also priced out some strictly road tires since right now I have some dual ones.  They are OK but I am finding that I am riding more on the road and not much for gravel and trails and such so road tires would be better.

I then went to visit my new school for next year that I will be at full time. :)  I am looking forward to it because I can bike or even walk there if I want!  It is SOOOOO close.  

Leg wise today, I am having a bit of an off day.  It is just a bit sore in the places where the needles were in.

I also put on a bit more grass seed in where the last batch was not taking.  I then went and picked up a starter pumpkin plant because mine are going a bit slow.  My son really likes to see the pumpkins when they grow.  Then I put a few more corn seeds in since you can plant them staggered so they are ready in stages.  I finally have about 15 up so pretty happy with that with all the struggling I had with what ever was digging the other seeds up.  No sign of them since I laid the poison down.

As for my hubby and a job, he is going to stick to what he is doing for now and then most probably apply with the Edmonton and Calgary police services.  In all honesty, I really do not mind except the moving but when we move we will be stable and I can get my new place just the way I want it out side and in. :)  He is still pretty upset with everything but is moving on from it.  I on the other hand still withdrew from my RN program till we are more settled in where we are living.  Eventually I will apply again and hopefully I can get in to where ever we are.

Well, right now I am contemplating just lounging around on my deck and enjoying the weather before we get a thunderstorm here.  They keep saying we are going to get one and we haven't really yet so who knows.  For now the deck is calling my name. lol

Supper tonight we are going to BBQ again here so food wise I am still doing pretty well. :)


Tanya said...

Last day of the school huh, any big plans for the summer? I am sorry things didn't work out for your husband but I am glad he is feeling better about things. Thanks for the support yesterday it is great to know I am not alone.