Well today was my first day of trying acupuncture!  I had the consultation first and then for my first time he put 10 needles in, 5 in each leg.  It really did not hurt at all and had to tweek them, push them in I think, a couple of times during the 20 mins that they were in.  There was some tingling, numbness, and a weird feeling but nothing uncomfortable.  Right now I am just sitting and relaxing for a bit to let things settle.  We are going to try it 3 more times to see if it can help me.  All in all it was a great experience and I will keep everyone updated on how it works. :)

The rest of the day I did not do too much.  We just had a bit of bad news here about my hubby.  He is not going in to the RCMP.  It seems that for some strange reason the interpretation of his last polygraph was different then all the others that he has taken.  I know that these things should be great and all but they are not 100% correct.  We are quite upset right now about the whole thing and was really hoping that it was a definite thing this time.  We have been preparing  everything for this.  

Other than that, tonight we are going to BBQ again and just sit back and relax at home.  Tomorrow is my son's last day of school and he is quite excited about the whole thing this year.  I was supposed to go to listen to another clinic talk tonight but I am choosing to stay here instead for a variety of reasons.

Exercise wise, I have done one set of physio stuff and I will see how I feel later on doing another set.  Right now things are aggravated and I do not feel like moving.  Gee... wonder why.... lol

Have a great day!


Tanya said...

I am sorry to hear about your husband, whats the next step?

I am glad that acuputurne was good, for some reason I always though it would hurt.