First Day of Swimming!

Yesterday my ex-mother-in-law gave me a couple of pool passes to try swimming to see if it helped me at all with my leg.  So, today I went and tried it out.  I did not too badly and managed to stay moving for a good 45 mins.  There were a couple of things that I could not do like the whip kick or use the flutter board but I manage to keep moving and sputtered my way through the front crawl. ;)

I also hooked up a cheap bike speedometer on my bike instead of always wearing my garmin to keep track of pace and distance for the group runs and my biking.  I figured this would be easier since my hubby likes to use the garmin again and I always have it.  I can't hook up my polar to the bike because I do not have the bike attachment so I figured this is the cheapest thing to do to solve the problem. :)  Now my hubby is going to help me make a quick chart for common paces for the group to keep on hand when I am with me.  Depending on how I feel later I may put on my fenders and rack.  On Sunday I told the group that I may as well make myself useful and carry extra water on the runs and such to fill everyone's water bottles up. lol  I can also carry their extra clothing and such as needed.  This is since it looks like there will not be much long distance running here for me for a while now.

I am at some point here going to go for a short bike ride to test the new toy out. Done :)  I went out for just over 22 mins and did just about 7 k.  It was a great ride and no pain. ;)

Some bad news about the hot tub though... I had it all filled up ready to go and when I turned it on, the water would not circulate.  So, I have been working on it for the last couple of days trying to fix it and called the help centre with some ideas on how to fix it.  I tried what they suggested but it will not continue to stay on very long and stops working.  So, I have priced out a new power pack thing and we may be buying a new one here next week when we can afford it.  So, no hot tub for now... just a cooler for my legs... :(

Other than that we are having a BBQ for supper tonight and I am going to relax some here.  Tomorrow is my first acupuncture appointment for the very first time.  Should be interesting but I hope it helps me out some.

Well, not much else to report here and I hope everyone has had a great day!


Tanya said...

I'm glad that you went swimming and it helped some. I love swimming I just don't get a chance to very often. Sorry to hear about that hottub. Hopefully you can get it fixed up.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you'll try my challenge! Just leave a comment each day you don't have anything out =) You don't have to be part of the Healthy You Challenge to participate. I need to catch up on your blog..LOL...just one more week of insanity then I will have much more time!!! Hope your doing well =)