Trying to work today. :)

Well today I am going to try to go to work so we will see what happens.  It is at two schools in which I have worked at before and I think I should be ok... Ask me later. lol

I have been trying to do more things around the house and taking frequent breaks and last night I ended up paying for it a bit.  I am trying to take it easy though and let things heal up.  The scale though is not co-operating at the moment.  I am going to have to update my wt here tonight after I get home because things are not doing so well.  I have been trying to be very careful in what I am eating and watching my portions but I think with the combination of lack of exercise and these meds... things are going to the dumps and quite fast I might add.  I have had my treats though, but in moderation and all counted for.  I just wish that this would heal up fast enough so my wt does not get carried away here.

Oh well, life goes on though, right? :)  Once I am doing better I will just have to try harder.  Right now I just have to focus on healing and keep trying to keep the wt in check.

I will catch up later after work.  Gotta go!

I'm back!! :)

Well, I thought I was done for at about noon before I even managed going to the next school but things calmed down a bit and got a bit better by the end of the day.  I sure can feel it though tired wise... lol  Not used to this working stuff. :)  I hope that I will be able to work again more this week.  This morning was interesting as I learned some new things about brail as I have never worked with a student that has had a severe sight impairment before.  The student was pretty good about my lack of knowledge in the area and we had a good laugh.  In the afternoon, I managed to visit my old student and some students that used to be where I worked at a long term care home here!  That was lots of fun.

The best thing about today though was that the principal came up to me twice today and was telling me that I need to apply at her school again.  I did once before and was accepted, but I turned it down in the end because I thought we were going to be moving... we ended up not and I have regretted it ever since.  I was quite happy today because she had said that my reputation precedes me (in a really good way) and would really love for me to work there and to make sure that I apply! (she will push to hire me there)  Now... I am supposed to be going in to my Nursing program starting in the fall and have been offered a good job, AND we may be moving!!!  I sure hope we find out soon here because my schooling motivation is totally lacking at this moment because of things so much in the air.  I really WANT the degree, but on the other hand, we can't afford it very much and I am sick of not being able to do the little things.  I have spent a bit much of my money but did not expect some of the expenses to come up that did, the funeral, getting sick, getting injured... I really have to work on saving for that rainy day fund here. :)

Now if I can solve the problem of finding a summer job... that would be wonderful.  I am deadly serious though... McD's... here I come!  lol :)

Well, I hope all had a good day and now I am off to check how everyone is doing and then my exercises. :)



Marisa_Lyn285 said...

Back away from the McD's! That's all I got right now. Be strong!

Tanya said...

Wow sounds like you have a lot of choices in front of you right now, which is always good. Where are you maybe moving to?