A great day!

I was a bit worried this am when I did not have a phone call yet to work today... then I got a call just before 8 am. It was a good day and all the students were really great and the knee held up!!! Wooo Hooo! :) I was a bit stiff first thing this morning but once I got moving around a bit, it just got better from there.

Tonight I will be out biking with the running clinic tonight for a short run. Since I worked today, I am just going to drive my bike there and then ride from there. No need to temp fate here...

Yesterday I had mentioned about the choices I have for next year. Since my hubby may be getting on with the RCMP, after depot, we really would not know where we would be moving to. They may accept suggestions, but in the end it is where they can place you. So, we have absolutely no clue.

Well, I should get going here and wind things up. (I am still at work with some spare time)

I will catch you all later!


JavaChick said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting more mobile. Just take your time and don't rush it.

I think it would be hard, not knowing where you are going to be. You can't really make plans. Hope things are figured out soon.