Things are coming. :)

Well this morning I drove my bike to the running clinic and then biked with the clinic on their 8 km run.  It was a beautiful day out and just perfect for everyone.  I had no pain or any issues what so ever so it went really well for me.  When I got home I stretched a bit and still no pain so I thought I would try a 15 mins brisk walk for the first time.  I did it!!!  I did not break a sweat or anything and it felt a bit awkward at the start, which was to be expected, but things worked out and I felt it was safe to continue.  I just finished stretching a bit again and had to take a break and share my good news. :)  After my post I will go back and do all my physio stuff.

Tomorrow I will try to walk again and will continue until things feel good right from the start, and in a couple of days... maybe I can try my 1 min of running every so often as my program states. :)  SO HAPPY here. lol

The rest of the group had a really good run and things are getting easier for them.  There were only two that had some issues (self inflicted) and listened to my advice and I biked while I took them walking back to the store.  Even my not so fast paced person today had a wonderful day!

Last night, well all day yesterday, I had a craving for taco chips and a taco salad... I think I am going to blame this one on two things... one: at the one school I was at we had taco salad for lunch, two: I read a post about tostatos lol (won't mention any names) :)  So yesterday I bought some taco chips and some salad stuff for a salad.  In the mean time... the chips were nibbled on. lol  Just could resist.  I did make sure though that I used low fat sour cream and a low sodium seasoning mix for the beef and rinsed the beef well after browning.  I even made sure that I did not use to much cheese.  So, all in all, it could have been worse. :)  

Tonight my son and I are going to make chicken curry with cous cous.  The sodium will be a bit high again but it is a home cooked meal and portions will be watched.  Usually on Sundays, I do not worry too overly much about what food I eat because of all the running but right now there is not too overly much going on.

Well, I hope the weather has improved for all and you are out there enjoying it some.



JavaChick said...

Glad to hear that things are continuing to improve with the leg. I'm sure it's hard to be patient, but you are doing the right thing by taking it slow.

Taco Salad sounds good...May have to work that into the meals plans soon!