Could things settle down just a bit?

Well yesterday I had hoped that things would settle down some... did not happen till later last night.  My day in a quick recap:  Woke up, bathed, got son up and ready for track meet, made sure track meet was not cancelled again, phoned ex to tell him track meet was still on, sent son to school, went for breakie with my Nanny and aunt, went to physio from breakie, while in physio cell phone rang continuously from dispatch from school board, a person from the school board, and my hubby, my dispatch was cancelled and they were trying to tell me this as the computer kept calling me to accept a new one, finally talked to my hubby (he is in Idaho right now) and then finally got a hold of a person from dispatch to settle things out and go to a new school for the afternoon.  Raced home to get ready and race to the school to work at for the afternoon.  At the school there was a dance!  A bit sore from that one being with the student.  Saw the postings for the positions that certain people wanted me to apply for in the school system - did I mention that they also called me at 8 am to tell me they were up!  Went to my Nanny's to pick up son because ex dropped him off there and chatted for a bit.  Went to grocery store to pick up a few things and went home.  Made supper for son and I and then took care of the supper routine for all animals and supervised their outside stuff.  Finally realized that I did not do my weekly email out to my clinic members yet to give them the info for the training for the week and make up the routes for our runs.  Making up the email is easy... it is the mapping of the runs that is the hard and LONG part!  Finally at 10:30 pm I managed to relax...

So... I never managed to get on even in the morning when I like to.  All in all it was a pretty busy day for me again here.  

The physio app't went well and she was happy that I have not tried to start the back to running program yet.  I told her of some of the problems that I am having with a couple of exercises and we adapted them so they would work for me.  I have to hunt for a tennis ball today to work on some muscles a bit more specifically.  I thought we still had some in stock here with the dogs but I believe they have all disappeared. :(  Time for a new stash.  The physio also said that I am looking at another 4 weeks of recovery here... but in the mean time to still do things to my comfort level.  I also told her about the working and she would like to see me cut it down a bit - I knew I was biting a bit more off than I could chew with this one.

As for the wt, I checked yesterday morning and I was down a bit and realized that Friday's were my wi days and not Thursdays!!!  So I am just leaving things the way they are for now and hopefully next week will look better. :)

Food wise, things are still getting better as I am not sitting around as much bored out of my tree on the couch.

Exercise wise I am still just doing what the physio requested for the leg/knee and today I will be working on some extra stuff for strengthening on the abs and arms.

Other than that, today will be some general house cleaning and some much needed relaxing. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :)


Melanie said...

busy busy! good news about the job possibilities, but sorry to hear it may be a few weeks still before you can get back to running... but you're better off listening i suppose. take care!