Hot and Sunny

That is sure what is was today! :)  I almost did not have to work but later on in the morning I had a call for the afternoon.  I sat back and debated it but thought I would give it a shot because it was a new school that I have not been at before.

Found out some not too overly hot news though.  In the school that I was at for the previous almost 5 yrs, I had some issues with a couple of co-workers, or more they had a problem with me.  I thought they were great...  I have come to the conclusion, with some help from another co-worker that I just did my job too well at times and I was there to work myself out of a job with my student... to make them independent from an EA.  I guess I took my job too seriously and they did not like it and caused quite a bit of problems for me.  I have gone through the appropriate things to do when there are personal issues like this but it never worked.  I even used all the right language like the 'I' statements for the proper communication but as I said... it never worked.  Now, as one teacher is retiring, this EA no longer has her queen as her back up and has asked for a transfer.  Now here is the kicker... she is moving to the school that I was trying to get in to where the principal was going to try her best to get me in!  Now the other thing I do not understand is this person used to be a nurse a long time ago and when it came to helping me out with transfers and such, she refused and said she did not like that stuff and did not feel like it was her job to do it.  The school that she is going to, that is all they do there besides a bit of acedemics.  It is a highly personal care type school where students are sent that do not or can not be integrated because of their disabilities.  I am at a loss here and upset.  When I found out this I really was not sure about what I was going to do because I could not handle going through all that sh*t again!  I talked it over with a former co-worker and said that I knew it may come up eventually because this city is not the biggest, but I did not expect it so soon... my friend said that the one good thing is that the principal is on my side and knows me and this place is more like my 'turf' sort of speaking.  I know the students and staff and they all know what I am like.  I know I can never get along with everyone but a few people really had caused me some superb grief where I would basically end up in tears at work.

In the end, I will apply and see what happens.  If I do get the position I will just walk in there like nothing is wrong.  This time though... grievances WILL be made.  I never last time because the president of the union could never keep her mouth shut and shared too much info that she shouldn't have.  It just would make to much of a mountain out of a mole hill.  

So, I am not trying to have a pity party here or anything, but these guys have cause much grief with many EA's and teachers alike and the atmosphere at the school was not great because of them.  Now, their clique has broken up a bit.  I am generally a tolerant person but they just really got under my skin and the safety of my student at the time was jeopardized.

Well, enough of that because I am getting myself worked up again from all the old feelings.  Time to turn a new leaf and start fresh.  I will be applying to other places now too.

So, eating was really good today and the only treat I had was a Timmies coffee to stay awake while waiting for my hubby's plane to arrive.  I even did not order anything from McD's as my hubby picked up some to eat for when he got home.  NSV!!!

I went out for a walk again today and things went really well.  I am starting to feel much stronger now and the pain is less.

Well, off to bed.  I should have gone a while ago but I wanted to visit with my hubby. 



Tanya said...

I think you should go for the job don't worrry about that other person.