Rainy Sunday.

Well what started off as a bit of a rainy day... it ended up not too bad out but with really ugly clouds going by.  Things are finally getting a bit greener here as it has been so dry.  

This morning I rode my bike to the clinic and then went with them on there 7k run.  After we all sat around and watched the Bridge City Boogie, a running and walking event/race today, for a bit.  There were many people that I knew running and also some others that were just finishing there 10k clinic that had this race as their goal event.  I also had two people from my clinic that were running it. :)  They were all smiling still at the 6k so I think things went well.  Then I biked home.  All in all, things did not go too badly but I am feeling it now.  :(

We went and enjoyed our dim sum after with my hubby's dad and brother and then went to my hubby's mom's gravesite to pay our respects.  After all that we went and picked up my son from my mom's house because he stayed there last night and now I am pooped.  I think the rest of the day will be spent putting my leg up and just rest.  Right now I am working on sending my hubby out to go and rent a movie.  :)

Yesterday went not too badly and I did manage to rest up.  I checked up on my corn seeds that I planted 2 days ago with the poison set out as traps and I think things are working! Yes!  There are no more little holes in the ground with all my seeds taken out.

Also yesterday, my son and hubby went to the space club rocket launch.  Each year the kids build their rockets and get to launch them in early June.  My son's rocket did not too badly with height (in fact one of the highest)... but... the parachute did not deploy and it ended up being a lawn dart.  So there were no more launches for him and his rocket has now become an ornament on his shelf for a good story to share. :)

Well, as I was hoping that things would continue to get better here like they have been, it looks like it is going to be another couple of days here where I can start the back to run program.  I was told as soon as I think I can handle it to try... well... after today, I don't think I am ready just yet.  

As for eating, things are getting better everyday here and hopefully I can start to see a bit more of a loss again to record on my chart. :)  

Now, I am going to rest and will check on your blogs later. :)  The meds are kicking in and I am slowly falling asleep here... :)  Catch ya later!


Tanya said...

Sounds like you had a really good and busy Sunday. Make sure you are resting and try not to over do it.