Chocolate covered digestive cookies...

... are BAD!!!! Especially when they are dipped in tea with milk and sugar!!!! lol  This has been my total weakness since I have come back from England and the same with the toast and honey. :)  Other than that I have not been doing too badly.

Yesterday ended up being better with the leg and taking the night before, Wed night, off from biking with the group was a wise decision.  Last night I drove my bike to the clinic and then rode it after the clinic talk for 3 k and I had no problems. :)  Afterwards, I noticed that I still did not have many pains and still this morning!  It feels just weaker, and a bit achy and weird, and the odd twinge if I overdo it but that is it.  It was a great ride and afterwards a few of us went out for a drink at a new restaurant here on the deck.  I was good and just had iced tea while they enjoyed their food and drinks. :)

Later today I go back to physio to see if I can start any new things for exercise and stretches.  I wish I would have called to see if there were any cancellations when I did not end up going to my son's camp earlier this week and then it would not have been so long between going...  I am excited though because today there is not much of a limp! (only when I am up for too long or do stairs)  I was hoping that maybe I could start with a back to running program, but I am not too sure if I am ready yet... maybe next week, but I am sure physio will let me know.

Also, today I will most probably find out if I need to go see an orthopedic surgeon or not.  A bit worried here as the running season just started and I do not want to be out of it yet.  Mind you... the wait time is terrible and there may be some small events.  But, as the physio said before, she thought that the 1/2 in September was still a go. :)  Here's to positive thinking!

I finally managed a bit more planting in my garden and flower beds here.  I also put my last round of corn seeds out last night with 2 containers on their sides with poison in them for traps.  I wanted to make sure that the rain did not get at the poison and to also keep it out of the view of my furballs.  I do have a small fence around my garden but one problem with having your dogs in agility is that they can jump over things too easily...  So, careful watching is needed there.

Well, I hope all have a great weekend here and enjoy the sun when you can!  I am supposed to be at my son's rocket launch here tomorrow morning, but we have to finish building it yet.  My hubby and son were supposed to finish it but they did not.  I think mom may be coming to the rescue here - and I have NOT A CLUE about rockets!!! lol  This should be fun. :os



JavaChick said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Just don't overdo it! :)

Melanie said...

stay positive! hope that you'll update us with some good news :)