Ok... so I haven't posted in a few days here.  I kinda felt like I was boring all with my sad note of being injured and wanted something fresh to write about... well, nothing happened.  I have been bored out of my mind recovering here and just as it seems like it is doing better... That evening it goes back to h@ll in a hand basket. :(  So not too impressed about that.  Last night I did not take my bike to the practice night as I was just too sore, so I just met everyone and sent them off.  Tonight is clinic night and I will be taking my bike out this time.  Today has been a good day so far with just a bit of problems.  I have even been making sure I have been using my cane!  <- that's a BIG step for me as I HATE those things. 

Well, my son arrived home yesterday and he did not too badly on his trip.  There were only two minor incidences and they told him if it continued that we would have to pick him up.  They were quite understanding though because of the cause of the problem... he was being bullied and started to retaliate.   I think we have had quite enough though from this one kid because for the last 4 yrs this same kid has been doing it over and over again.  We have gone there and told them of our concern, but still it continues.  I guess at camp it was quite obvious so maybe more will be done now  - the student did not stop but my son did not retaliate anymore.

So running... I SO miss it!!!  I think tonight after the clinic I will watch one of my running movies. :)

As for gardening... I have been trying to do what I can here with my little stool.  Everything is coming along slowly BUT... I have now planted corn for the 4th time here 2 days ago and all the seeds are gone again!!!  At first I though ants... so I put an ant trap out.  Then it still happened so I put some bug powder all over... still happened but killed some really nasty looking things though.  *ewwwwe*  So, I have come to the conclusion that I have a mouse problem.  I kinda thought I did but wanted to rule everything else out first.  I have these perfect little holes dug out just exactly where the corn seeds were.  Frustrating!!! So, my mom and my sister went out and bought me some poison to lay under the shed as that is where I think they are.  I am a bit worried with the dogs getting at it so we all have to watch them closely and not let them be unattended.  The poison is under the shed and I don't think anyone can reach it... but you never know...

As for food and wt wise... things are just not budging for me right now. :(  I am still trying but it is quite hard when I can not do to much activity.

Well, I should get going here and later on tonight I will see how everyone is doing. :)



Tanya said...

Hey you, I was wondering you disappered to, but I am glad you are back. I am sorry to hear about your son's bullying and I hope they can nip in the bud. My brother had dyslexia growing up and was very shy and was bullied pretty bad because of it.