All is good

So yesterday I did not end up subbing but I did some work around the yard and started to reseed some of the grass that did not come back this year.  I had to hand rake the whole area because my little rechargeable lawn mower... there is no power rake that I can buy for it yet.  It is quite the small blade.   It was a bit windy but I managed and then finished looking for and patching any holes in my inflatable hot tub.  I think I have found all but one... because I still think there is one on the top level but I can not find it. :(  It is a really small one so it is barely leaking.  So I am hoping tomorrow or this weekend I can finish setting it up so I can finally enjoy it. :)

Last night my 3 km bike ride with the running group went really well and so well in fact that I went out for my 20 mins brisk walk afterwards!  I was quite surprised because earlier in the day my leg was really bugging me but by the time that it came for the group run, things felt better.  So yesterday was a really good day for activity.

Today I am subbing this afternoon and then a 4 km bike ride with the running clinic tonight.  Tonight's clinic should be interesting as I will be speaking about all the on-line stuff that is available for the group at the store web site and I have to go with a plan b because the LCD projector that I was supposed to use is not working now, so I have to bring in a laptop.  It is going to be quite small to see, but we do what we have to do. :)  I can explain it well... it is just nice to see an actual visual.

Thanks to everyone for the congrats and condolences the past two days!  It really was a bitter sweet day again for me.  As for the fish... the way that they died so fast and that there really was not any struggling to stay alive at all, I am attributing it to something they ate.  I am not sure my son is telling me the whole story, and I know that he would not intentionally kill the fish on purpose, but he does tend to do things with out thinking first.  He told me after the fact of them dying that he fed them.  I am not sure I will ever know what happened but it seems that there was maybe something on his hands or he decided to try feeding them something that he thought may be good for them.  Who knows... :(

Well, I should start to get things done this morning.  I have already done my first set of the day of physio stuff and will do the next set after the clinic.

Tomorrow is wi day... I am not sure how it is going to go as things have really been fluctuating quite a bit here.

Have a great day everyone!


Tanya said...

Good luck with your presnation tonight. I am sure it will go great. As for weigh in tomorrow I am the same boat, hopefully we both have loses.