A super TGIF!

Yesterday's talk ended up having to go completely not as I had planned.  I did not end up talking about the online stuff... it ended up me demonstrating how to use the foam roller and stick.  There were some technical issues that we could not fix right away... so it was a good laugh on me because here I was wearing my running skirt showing all this.

The bike ride went well up until the very end and then I had some issues.  As of this morning, things are ok again here and later this morning I am back at physio to see what she says.

My wi this morning is not too hot and I am up... 135.2!  Things are supposed to go down not up...  This week I am just really going to have to give it my all here and get things back down.  I can already tell in my clothes that things are not fitting so hot as they did before.

I still do not know if I am subbing this afternoon yet.  I booked the morning off because of the physio, but left the afternoon open.  I guess last night while I was out there were a bunch of calls - seems kinda funny that this late in the year a bunch of people are taking some time off.  Suites me just fine, but after last night, I was just hoping to rest my leg a bit.  The school I was at in the afternoon was a blast as it was a pre-school program for special needs kids of 3 and 4 yr olds.  They kinda kept you quite busy.... lol

Well time to wake my son up and get him ready for school here.  Have a great day everyone!


Tanya said...

I am sorry you weigh in wasn't very good. I am sure you will done agian next week, don't worry about it.