The Ticket is Bought...

... and I am officially going to England this Thursday (tomorrow).  I will be flying in to London and then going to Salsbury for the weekend to visit some relatives then to Nottingham for the funeral.  I guess it is going to be quite quick as my grandma wanted an Irish Wake and the relatives there would only settle for the last part of it - the send off from the pub.  This should be interesting...  I have managed to get on the same flights as some of my relatives for the long duration flights so I will not be alone.

During the weekend I will get to see where my mom grew up, relatives that I know and don't know, and Stonehenge.  When we go up to Nottingham I will be going to the castle and seeing the Robin Hood stuff, step foot in Sherwood Forest, and see some other new relatives.  We will be paying our respects for the other relative just before we go to grandma's service.  I have already been to London before so I won't be doing any site seeing there.

I will be bringing my laptop and camera, so hopefully I will be able to check in here once and a while.  I have to make sure that everyone is still being good! LOL :)

As for walking, I tried to move around a bit more yesterday and things were still not good, so today I am on the couch again planning what I need to pack and get to that later today.

My son tried to go to school here yesterday for the first time in a week and was sent back home by lunch, so he is going to stay home another full day with me here today.  His asthma has kicked in full force here with the chest congestion and we are trying to get it back under control.  I guess I am going to be pulling out the inibulizer (sp?) and put him on that a couple of times as needed.  We are hoping that we get that in check before I go also... Not really the best time to go away...  He is pretty good about everything though and is making sure that he is resting too.  My mom and my sister can handle it though and know when to go to emergency if necessary so I know he is in good care.

Running... I am so missing right now... as with all this sitting around it is driving me bonkers and I stepped on the scale today and was not too happy about it.  I was 3.6 lbs up, which is understandable... but depressing.  I have been up more than this a few times during this journey and I have managed to get back on track, so I know I can do this.  I just have to watch what I am eating while I can not move about.  I am hoping that I will be able to walk here soon, especially with the trip here tomorrow.  I guess that will be one good thing about the 7-8 hr flight... I won't be walking around. :)


Tanya said...

I am glad you are going. Not sure if you have been on a lot of long distance flights, but be sure to get up a walk around. Also drink as much water as you can. I find that I swell up really bad on flights no matter what, so i do that and it helps a bit.

candlerun (htabby) said...

Tanya - thank you! Ya, I hear ya about the swelling thing... I am bad for that. I have flown numerous times and the longest was a 14.5 hr flight to China last year. Now THAT was uncomfortable. lol I will be getting up and moving around a bit. :)

Tanya said...

I am excited for my weigh in this week, I feel like I have really worked hard I would love to see a loss. My goal for May is to get back into the 160's.

Yeah we did a 14 hr flight from Sydney to Vancouver in Decemeber. I somehow slept all the way but my legs were so slowen when we got home it was really bad.

JavaChick said...

You are certainly having a tough time right now. Good luck with your trip and I hope you are feeling better by the time you get there.