New Hope Dog Rescue Fun Run

Tala was all set, excited and ready to go sporting her new bandana.

It wasn't that big of a turn out as they had hoped but it was a great socializing event for all dogs as everyone got along fine. :)

Tala met some new friends and was the usual social butterfly as usual. :) There were also 2 other sibe's there (one shown in pic above).  The event was shorter than we have done previously as it was only 1.5k as we usually have done 5k in the past with this event.  I am not sure I know why they have changed it...  Tala and I started off walking and then decided we would run it nice and easy.  We enjoyed all the doggie water stations as they were well organized. :)  Tala also enjoyed her treats from the event afterwards and then went home for a good snooze.

So... everything went well up until then... I then went out to finish the k's needed for my long run as I did not manage to get out before sunday to finish it.  I took things nice and easy and made it to about 6.5k and then WHAM!  IT band called it quits... WT*!?!  I stopped, went on the grass, stretched out and had some of my sports drink and tried again... it wasn't going to happen.  I had to stop at 7k and turn around and walk home - forgot my cell...  Luckily it did not hurt while walking.  So I finally get home and then decide to take the bike out for a spin to get a bit more cardio in.  Well 5k in to that I had to turn around as this was not going to be my day.  I went back over things that I did that day trying to figure out what happen as it was a bit purplexing to me as why it did.  Shoes?  Nope.  Stretched? Yep. Overtrained? Nope, actually less here the last week and a bit.  Terrain? Maybe...  I alternated the part of the road that I was running on but there were a few spot that were quite slanted as there was no other place to run.  I did slip a couple of times on the gravel part from the ruts... did not think it was that bad when it happened.  I know now... :(  So... I have been not able to walk after that as I could not bend my knee at all.  Great... what more can happen...  I should have never hopped on to the bike afterwards... but I did not realize at the time the severity of it.  So, for the last couple of days here I have been best friends with RICE, ibuprofen, foam roller, stretches, strengthening supporting muscles, and some contrast treatment - alternating between heat and ice.  I believe I have caught it fast enough here as today things are better and I can bend with little pain.  So, no running as of yet but not too worried about the half coming up as I think it will be fine by then.  I only have one more long distance run left and if I am unable to do it, that will be ok with me because I know I can run the distance already - it just won't be as fast as I wanted.  There are many other races out there that I can aim for in succeeding in my goal. :)  Injuries can sometimes just happen out of the blue even when following the best of plans - I just have to re-look at my journal and see if there are some possible causes besides the terrain.

Thank you again everyone for all your kind words as it was all very much appreciated.  A few things have happened since I have been on here.  My friend and my father-in-law have given me the money to cover the extra cost of the ticket to go to England.  So... I now do not have to worry as much about it financially.  The problem is that my 'great uncle' is being an a@@ about the whole thing and does not want a funeral!!!!  Well, the family here says they won't go and spend the money to go unless there is one.  If there is one thing that doesn't drive me absolutely insane is family fighting during a time of passing.  Enough already and just let us say our goodbyes.  So... am I going to be going to England?  I am still so confused... It is nothing like coming to terms with everything and then basically having the ticket given to me to go.  I know... worse things could happen...

Well, sorry I have not posted lately on anyone's blogs... I have read them just was not to much feeling like a cheerleader at the moment.  So... be prepared cause I am on my way back. :)

Ok... I have heard about things happen in 3s and I am a bit of a believer in this one... My Nanny just called and my grandma's sister passes away last week also and the funerals will be on the SAME day!!! Both in England, BUT in different places!  I wasn't close to her but she is in my thoughts and her family is in my prayers as my grandma will be taking priority.  Now for the final decision with all of this and to see if a plane ticket will be purchased.  The funeral is next week on Tuesday, May 13th at 12 pm.


Natasha said...

Beautiful picture of Tala!She is gorgeous. Take care of your injury...don't push it too far too fast. I hope things settle down for you and that plans for the funeral work out for your family.

Tanya said...

I am glad you will be able to go. How long are you going for?

Melanie said...

have a safe trip, i'm glad you'll be able to go, and yes, absolutely gorgeous pic of Tala...i want to show bf, but i know he'll want one then, and we just don't have the proper lifestyle for a dog right now.. we're not home enough... so it wouldn't be fair :( anyway, take care of your knee/leg so you can get back out there, but rest up, and don't rush yourself back... :)