Sicky Thursday

Came across this this morning... it truly shows anyone can do anything! :)

Well, I don't know if it was all the blogs I read about everyone getting sick lately, but my son was sick yesterday, again today, and now I am. :(  When I talked to my son's EA last night, she had informed me that there was a nice nasty bug going around the school again and the kids were dropping out like flies.  I guess this weather changing stuff can do this to the body... oh well... it looks like chicken soup and tea for the menu today! :)  My son just got over one bug and now he is hit with a new one (or the old has come back with a vengeance).

I did not do any exercise at all yesterday as I just gave my body a bit of a break while it is sick.  It may be the same today as I am only scheduled to do a smaller run with some speed tempos.  This, if I do it will be later tonight after some rest.

Its cloudy out and still wet from the rain here but today it is supposed to go up to +14 and tomorrow is looking even better!  My seeds that I started indoors (kept forgetting to start but finally did) are starting to sprout!  Once things are settled here a bit more I have some major work to do outside.  I have two fish ponds, a big one in the front and a med one in the back beside my garden, well last year when our tennant moved out in the spring (still a bit cool out) he was moving stuff in the back yard and dropped one of his things on my back yard pond!  It ended up getting a crack in it and I tried to fix it (noticed AFTER I put fish in that it did not hold) and so here I was running from the back yard to the front yard a fish in a net to save them to the front yard pond.  Back and forth I went until I caught the last one...  so I have decided that I am just going to remove the back pond and extend my garden this year... :(  which kinda sucks... So I am going to have to get some dirt halled in here to fill in the hole which at least isn't too big, but would need more than a couple of those bags of dirt you can buy at the store.  I don't like having my big koi out in the front especially with the free roaming cats that like to sit by the pond and watch... hoping for their next meal!  They have not been successful thus far though... :)  The other thing is that there has been a few people with bigger koi in their front yard that have been stolen.  My one is over 12 inches now and it would kill me to see him gone. :(  But, unless I build something else here... they will have to be in the front unless they stay inside.

The best news though is that the weather is nicer again and so we are going to be setting up the hot tub!!! Yeah!  I don't have one of those hard fancy ones, but a couple of yrs ago I saw one at my aunt's cabin and fell in love with it.  It is a blow up one that has a heater and all and it is soooooo comfortable!!! I find it much more comfortable than the hard ones.  We had it out going all year round the first year and spent the New Years out there but decided that this year I would pack it up for the winter.  I so can't wait to have it going again... It feels so good after I have stretched out and iced after a good run. :) It's all my husband has been mentioning about in the yard - he misses it - but doesn't want to admit it was a good find. :) <-I bought it for myself for my birthday.  If you are reading this sweetie... Luv you!  lol :)

Well time to take some stuff again here so I can breath and check on my son.  It's funny with him because he is either super hyper when he is sick (generally a chest problem) or he is really sleepy, which is a rare one in which he has a fever aches and pains and is just out of it.  Last year when we came back from China when we were all sick, he slept for 4 days!  He came out once in a while to eat a bit and then back to sleep.  I have never seen him do that before!

Well, I guess I should end my book here.  Spring fever has hit and I so want to get going outside again here.  I am hoping that we are finally able to get the gazebo and patio furniture from my father in law this year so we can set things up nicely out.  If this is going to be the last time we are living in this house, I want to enjoy it. :)

Have a great day! - OH! wi is tomorrow but I won't be watching too overly much with the sodium thing because chicken soup/sodium is kinda hand in hand and I don't really feel like making some homemade stuff at this pt. :) Ok... maybe later... but not right now. lol


Anonymous said...

Koi ponds are gorgeous. I wish I could have one, but the weather is just too unstable. If you get yours up and running again I'd love to see a picture of it =) Hope you and your son are feeling better soon. Take care of yourselves!