ww wi...

... and I am back down again. :)  125.2 lbs! Onwards and downwards! :)  I ate literally every pt available to me this week as I earned 39 APs!  My body really needed the fuel. :)  My pts reset today so I am going to go and enjoy something here... haven't decided what yet.  Maybe I may call my Nanny and see if she wants to go for breakie. :)

I also took my measurements this morning since I keep on forgetting and wowza!  Body changes are a happening here!  I am down 25 inches!  Everything is moving proportionally except for my arms... well, I have always had arms on the bigger side and I just have to face that fact. :)

Well, I said I was going to take it easy last night at hot yoga and well... I did... it was just that the instructor came to me a couple of times to advance my moves in a few poses!  Happy... but not happy as my shoulder's are again on the sorer side... :(  My legs feel great after the hills though.... :)

Today is going to be some cross training on the stationary bike and some wts.  I am NOT going to be pushing myself at all.  In fact I think it may be on the more of a leisurely side today. :)

Not much planned for today outside as the weather is supposed to be turning for the worse here at some pt. :(  I was looking forward to getting some things done outside but I don't think that is happening.  I still have to manage to run to a few stores here as I did not manage to yesterday...  I know what I am going to do though... I am going to start my seeds!  Last year my son and I planted some Lunar pumpkins and they turned out really cool!  So, I found some seeds last week and we are doing them again - had lots of complements last yr. :)  I only have a 8 foot by 8 foot garden (super small) but I can pack quite a bit in there.  The pumpkins did take over part of the yard outside of the garden though.... We are also going to try these things called Lemon cucumbers.  My son thought that they looked pretty neat so they are going to be in there also besides some other regular stuff.  Corn is also going to be in there this year instead of the sunflowers. - yes... my garden gets REALLY packed. lol  I also do some container gardening with tomatoes and lettuce... I am going to see what else here that I can put into a container on the deck - which is also really small. :)

Other than that, life is pretty good today and I am looking forward to the weekend here.  Tomorrow is going to be a really needed rest day and by the looks of things... with the snow coming... there will be no bike rides also. :(

Non-smoker! :)


Tanya said...

Congrats on your loss that is awesome! I hope you have a nice relaxing day!

Natasha said...

Is the lemon cucumber actually suppose to be lemon flavored? Sounds interesting. Hope you had a nice rest!