snow... :(

Nice... woke up to a bit of snow this am and the roads are SLIPPERY!!!  I have to laugh at the weather forecast though... It has been jumping back and forth about having 4-5 days of snow with cold temperatures.  The latest is that it will be warming up to +6 today with rain and tomorrow was -1 and now it is going to +11 with rain... I wish it would make up it's mind... Oh well, I will just wake up tomorrow and see what I am wearing for my run outside.  All I know is that if I wake up to the icy conditions that I woke up to today, I am doing my run on the treadmill. :)  At least it is a cutback week and it will only be 12k. :)  NOT the 18 which is next week. :)

Well, I did not manage to get my seeds started so today I will do that.  I ended up doing some doggie yard cleanup and clearing some bushes from the front yard.  The neighbors got a kick out of that one because I had my son's old plastic wagon out and was using it to haul everything. :)

I did not go really hog wild on the eating yesterday and did not get my cross training and wts in either.  I am going to see about doing that today also.  My son and I instead bbq'd some burgers, rented some movies and then sat and watched them with popcorn and diet root beer floats. :) (with fat free/no sugar ice cream)  I never realized that my son has not had one before... He was in love with them. :)

Right now my husband is actually taking my son to space camp this morning to build his rocket that I picked up yesterday.  This should be good for the both of them so they can spend some time together like my husband keeps on mentioning that he is going to do.  When they get back, I am going to be driving my son to his friend's birthday party at the indoor pool.  They do not have any lanes there or I would have taken the time available there and gone swimming myself... or at least attempt to swim. :)  If it was not for the party I would be going to hot yoga to finish my last pass.  That is going to be Monday night now.

Other than that, I am trying to figure out supper here.  I would like to bbq but I am not too sure of what the weather is going to do.  I think I am going to have to figure out something else. :)

Not too much else to report here today... I am still pretty tired here.  I think now that everyone is gone... I may sneak a bit of a nap in... :)

Non-smoker! :)

Stationary Bike: 60 mins Did not do again...
wts: 30 mins Same here...


Anonymous said...

We got a huge dumping of snow here too! I can't wait to get my yard cleaned up as well! At least you got some done! The floats sound yummy! I should try that =) Hope you had a nice nap!

JavaChick said...

Just getting caught up on your blog - I like the new look. Hope you have better weather today. We've had a beautiful weekend and I'm loving it!