Did I ever say that I hate the cold?

Well, I do! lol  I woke up this morning to a wonderful site of a layer of frozen ice pellets on the ground.  Temp wise it is not bad at -2 going to +4 this morning, BUT it is the wind that is bugging me a long with being way too slippery out.  Temp I can handle - just dress right for it - but I am being a baby right now and don't really want to be cold. :(  The wind is at 33 and with gusts up to 44. :(  I think it may be a slippery repeat of what happened in the beginning of March and I do not want to live that again - taking upteen hours just to get my lips close to the proper color they should be...

So... I have bit the bullet here, not wanting to risk any injury by slipping, and I am going to run my 12k inside on the treadmill.  I am just happy that this week is not the 18! :)  So my computer is all charged up and I am going to find a movie to watch while running - one of the few perks on running on the treadmill. :)

I feel sorry for my friends that are running in some other places in Canada today... St. Albert has a race and there is a travel advisory out for it.  So far in Vancouver, there is no snow for the Sun Run but it is cold...  Montreal (I think) has one too - but the weather I heard is not too bad there. :)  So, here's wishing everyone that is running an event today the best of luck and have FUN!!!! :)

I ended up not getting my other cross training day in at all this past week which is ok.  I did take a nap yesterday morning and slept right till my husband and son came home at lunch!  I must have needed it. :)

Food wise yesterday was not all that great and I found my self doing some mindless munching.  I did well up until supper and then that was it... an no APs to help take care of it, so WPs... b'bye! :)  

Well, everyone is sleeping here still and I should get going here on my run.  I am feeling so so about it this am as I only got about 5.5 hrs of sleep... :(  I guess that nap maybe was a little too long. :)

I think I may finish my post after... :)

OK... I think I should have ran outside anyways... My treadmill decided to be possessed this morning!  My run was all over the place in speed as the belt was either slipping, sticking, belt suddenly going faster or slower, and me coming to abrupt halts trying to fix it as I went.  By the end of the run I had it set at 12 km/hr which is a fairly good pace (fast in fact!) but the treadmill in actuality was only going as fast as about 6.4!  I was so frustrated but determined that I had to finish it and get it done no longer how long it took me. :(  The treadmill is only coming on 5 yrs old at this point but it has seen quite a bit of mileage... still no reason for it to be doing this.  So, needless to say my stats for this run are all out of whack but I will post what I have from my Nike.

I also received my email about my inquiry in to the Team in Training to go to San Fransico in October to the Nike Women's Marathon.  I found out that a person would need to raise about $4900 to go... I can't do that.  I also can not believe that it is about the same amount as I had to raise to do the Hawaii Marathon, which I did not get to go to due to a surgery.  So, I am sticking with doing the Nike Virtual Women's Marathon instead like I originally planned I guess.

run: 12.51 km/1:39:36 mins, avg 162 7:57 mins/km, on treadmill which decided it was going to have some fun with me. :(


Melanie said...

hopefully the wind and snow have stopped... not to rub it in, but it was 22 yesterday and 20 today.... so hopefully you'll be getting that soon too. it's so much better for running :D and of course you can link to my blog, in fact, i'd be honored. have a great week!


JavaChick said...

That's too bad about the crappy weather; I wouldn't want to run on ice either - I don't even like to walk on ice! And your treadmill acting up to. Quite the day. Hope your next run is better.

Natasha said...

Sorry to hear the weather is cooperating and that your treadmill is possessed...good for you for still getting your run in though! Have a good day!