Boston Marathon!!!

Well, a bit of a late post today because I was watching the Boston Marathon and cheering on some fellow maniacs. :)  16 of them ran in it today!  Everyone but one managed to cross the finish line which was great.  The one that did not cross, we do not have the full story yet but were assured that he is ok.  So, it was a very emotional and exciting day as I was camped out on the couch on my computer. :)  Nothing else was accomplished....

This coming Sunday is my first race this year and I am planning to do the 5k in it.  I am not too sure of how the course is yet and if there are many hills.  It is probably going to be on the trails which suck because they are not in the best shape right now and not very flat.  The road would have been better. :(  I just realized though that I am going to have to rearrange my training schedule for the week though and maybe do my long run on Friday instead.  That would mean that I am going to have to get off my butt here and do some cross training of some kind tonight! lol  So I really should work things out today and get things planned.

Eating wise, I do not know what has come over me but I can not stop mindless munching right now.  I am just about at the 100 lbs lost mark again and it almost seems like I am sabatoging myself.  I don't know what has come over me... Maybe it is the weather?  stress?  who knows.... I do have to smarten up though and not let this get to me.  I really feel like a good run right now because it feels like I was denied that yesterday and maybe that would help?  It is too bad that it is snowing and cold otherwise I would be outside in a New York Minute! lol

Well, I should get going here and check out everyone's blogs for today...

cross train?