I goofed up...

... last week on the number of hills that I ran and just realized it today when I was looking at my schedule.  I was supposed to run 7 not 6, so which today is supposed to be 8 of them. :(  I am going to go for the 8 times and see how I feel.  If I get too tired, I will stop at 7.  I was wondering why my km for the run were not that high as they should have been...

Last night's run was 7 km and not 6 like I thought... I think I have finally figured out the way they have their schedule though.  I know they have switched their hills to Thursday and was not sure which run they were running on Wednesday as I thought they were running Tuesday's run because that seemed like the k's they were doing.  Now I know they are doing a straight switch between Wednesday and Thursday, and it seems like they are a week behind in the k's for it.  It's all good with me as long as I get my amount in my long slow runs on the weekend.

Last night was a really good run though.  I did take Tala with me and she was as good as gold for it and great company.  Her little tugs on the smaller hills on the trail gave me that little extra push that I needed. I also was looking at my garmin for the 5 km mark and it looked like I may have done my 5k in 30:33 mins!  My fasted time yet!  I am not marking it as a Personal Best yet because I would like to have just a straight 5k course to time it with and then I can record my new PB.  It is great though to see an improvement and to be closer to my goal in running.  I said I wanted to be under 30 mins for 5k and this year I am going to do it. :)

Well, as I said, today is hills and it is going to be quite nice outside for it.  Tonight is going to be hot yoga, so today is going to be one tired day for me.

Eating wise yesterday was the best day for me eating core foods in a long time.  I am hoping that today will the same, even though I am still counting the pts.  And yes... I am eating every pt available to me. :) (18 pts is just waaaayyyy to low) lol

I did get my camera out yesterday and took some pictures of my son on his bike and emailed the pic and phoned everyone about his huge milestone that he achieved. :)  Yes, I was a proud mama and he shocked everyone!  Proud pic at the top. :)  For those who do not get why I am so proud, it is because my son is not the outdoor type and took forever to learn how to ride.  He was very uncoordinated and had serious fears of the outdoors, and besides many other factors related to his designation.

Oh, tomorrow is challenge wi and ww wi so lots of water and watching sodium.

Well, off to get my buddy up and feed the zoo. :)

Non-smoker! :)

run: 8 x hills (did it!!!!), 10.87 km/1:27:28 mins, sunny +10, avg 161 bpm 8:03 mins/km, got to wear my skirt again! :), I tried to take it a bit slower today due to the faster run last night and to get my heart rate down a bit more (I hate being cursed with a high heart rate), felt really good and the trail was really busy with everyone out.


Tanya said...

You are my hero! You are doing so well with running!

Tanya said...

More we have in common :-).

I have never done it before its a new thing, brought on by stress apparntley.

Natasha said...

I'm so impressed with your commitment to working out, sun, rain, or snow! Good for you!