Biggest Loser... (spoiler)

... last night was AWESOME!!!  When I saw Roger step on the scale thought... oh no!  I am glad a girl won, but was really cheering for Kelly.  She was such a silent type but hung in there well.  She looked really good after!  I am happy for Ali as she did work her butt off... I guess strong will, strong mind and you can do anything you put your heart into and believe. :)  I guess we could all learn a lesson from her.  I am super excited about Bernie... He is such a cutie. :)  I am so glad that Dan did not win anything and if it was not for Bernie winning, I was cheering for the guy that was up there first that had to lose so much wt so he could qualify for insurance.  I did expect a few of them that were at sent home before to lose a bit more wt though.  And what was with Paul, Kelly's ex-husband?  They said he was sick at home.  Usually there would have been a live feed or something of him at least wishing everyone well or something... Personally, and this is just my opinion here... I wonder if he really sabotaged himself and did not lose any wt and gained.  He turned out to be quite the different character than I thought he would.  It is funny because I was cheering for them and the husband and wife team where the husband (I wish I could remember the names) was the biggest loser of the ones sent home for a bit at the beginning of the show (the health insurance guy).  Other than that, the guy that was Roger's football partner I thought really did amazingly.  Good show though and what a life changing experience that we all go through.  I really liked that last night they actually addressed self-sabotaging, plateaus, and injuries with the finalists.  Their wt loss was finally not so colorful anymore. :)

Well, tonight is a 6k run with the running room and I may actually bring one of my dogs with me, Tala.  It is supposed to be about +10 tonight for the run so my running skirt possibly again. :)  I used some self-tanner on the weekend and it worked out pretty well... I may have to put a bit more on. lol

Last night we did not end up having our eat out Tuesday, so tonight my son gets to choose.  Afters school, he watched an episode of one of his favorite shows and then we went bike riding.  I remembered to buy him a lock so we went to the school and I showed him how to lock it up.  When we got home, it was time for the Biggest Loser... So, no eating out.  He did choose McD's yesterday so if he chooses that again here tonight, I am having my oriental salad. :)

Cross training went well last night too.  The last 45 mins of the Biggest Loser I went on the elliptical and after the show I did my wts.  I love a good evening workout. :)

Today is pretty much the usual again here.  I was this () close to working today and then decided maybe not.  Tomorrow I should though.

Ok...  I just got back from outside here and you know that feeling you get sending your child off to school for the first time by himself? Like the first day of kindergarten or something like that... or how about the first time you let your child do something and you really want to help them so they are not doing it by themselves...  I just watched my son ride off on his bike to school for the first time!!!!  He is in grade 6 and has NEVER done this before, in fact I wasn't sure he would EVER do it!  I was like.. you be soooo careful, watch for cars, stay on the side of the road, make sure you lock your bike... etc... really not the best thing for me to say to a child that only really hears one thing. :)  I guess it is to make us feel better that we said it. :)  I know some of you may laugh but... I am getting my camera out to take a picture of him coming home today from school. :)  Sooooo happy right now!

Non-smoker! :)

run: 6.93km/44:00 mins (slowed down for a couple of walk breaks for Tala after the 5k), avg 185 bpm :( 6:21 mins/km :) sunny and temp of +10, wore running skirt and long sleeve top, felt really good, nano was not charged so no music. :(


Froggie-George said...

Way to go on actually working out while BL was on tv!!! I "thought" about it... :)) (see new post for dragging my butt!) lol

Have a great day the new blog! :) Careful, it's addicting :) lol

Tanya said...

I am sure you son will be fine. But I am sure its only natural to worry.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

LOL! I'll bet you went and peeked in his classroom window just to make sure he made it there! Haha. Yeah, that'll be me in 7 years. :)

I am so jealous that you can run so far! I am very impatient to get there. :)

Hope you have a great day! Take lots of cute pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh! I didn't watch it yet, so thanks for the warning. I'll come back tomorrow and read as I'm watching it tonight on my PVR!