I gave in...

... my shoulder's were way too sore still and decided not to go to hot yoga last night and will hope that someone will be there to instruct on Thursday as they have been having a hard time getting someone for those nights.  I never did get my nap yesterday so last night I went to bed at 9:15 pm and woke up at 7 this morning... still a bit on the tired side, but my body needed the rest. :)

Today is elliptical and some wts and probably a bike ride with my son after school again.  He and I went out yesterday and stayed out for just over an hour biking around the school tarmack and such.  He did not want to come in.  I offered him to stay out by himself... but he wanted me with him.  He says he is ready to ride to school now so today I will buy him a bike lock.  God forbid if his bike ever gets stolen - I am not sure how he would react to that.

Supper last night was sooooo nummies. :)  I love being able to bbq meals again.  My husband is gone just for the day out of town here and will be back late tonight so it will just be my son and I.  As it is usually eat out Tuesdays here with renting a movie, I think I will ask what he wants to do and let him pick everything because I am so proud of him right now.  This is a huge accomplishment for him with wanting to be outside for anything. :)

Other than that, not much else is planned for the day besides the usual.

One thing I am working on though is changing my blog.  I think it is getting too busy with everything that I have on there.  The first thing I may do is either pick a less busy background or just a plain one. With all my picks and such... it is looking kinda messy.  I see everyone's looking so nice and well polished...  I would love to be able to design my own one day, like that's going to happen. lol  We picked up a website design book for me to try and learn.  This should be interesting... lol it is impossible for me to understand all that stuff!  For now though I am sticking with the general templates offered here and maybe another background from Pyzam.  I have not found the right design/cartoon/pic yet that I really want for my header.  So, until I find one, get someone to graciously make me one, or attempt to make one, I will use what I got.

OK, let me just say that going to 18 pts a day is crazy!!!!  There is not for choices out there when you hit that low of pts.  I am trying to be more creative here but I am lacking in it right now.  Core is soooo much easier...  Not going back just yet though. :)  The scale is still the same from last wi here and I am hoping for at least a .2 lb drop on Friday.  My exercise is now pretty high and I do not want to starve myself to lose.  I have a bit of flex to use up yet before friday here so today will be the day :).

I am sooooo looking forward to running tomorrow!  The weather will not be as nice as it was this weekend but beggars can't be choosers!  As long as there is no snow. :)

Non-smoker. :)

elliptical: 45 mins
wts: 30 mins


JavaChick said...

I really think 18 points is too low. I know you are just following the plan, but those low point levels worry me. Just my opinion though.

Hope your shoulders feel better soon.

candlerun (htabby) said...

I so know what you mean... If I was not as active I am sure that would be OK... but I am fairly active and this small amount I think is too low... I don't think I will be sticking to it quite so strictly. :) I do make sure that I eat every pt available to me now more than I used too. :)

Core may be coming back here quicker than I thought... :)

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

You are at 18 points?! And I am complaining that I dropped from 34 to 29?! Yowza. I will never complain again! (Ha! Who am I kidding? I'll be whining by supper time! LOL!)

Btw, 5.05Km in 00:32:41? That's awesome!

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

I loved my run tonight! Thanks for asking! I am finished the R1/W2/x6 now! On Thursday I get to move on to R1/W1/x10. I have it figured out that by the middle of June I will be doing the R10/W1! Yahoooo! I see your journaling on the spreadsheet you sent me that you did the R1/W2?X6 in 18 minutes! Whew! That's awesome. I timed myself tonight and it takes me about 23 minutes. But hey, I'm moving! LOL!

Thanks for being my running pal! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow 18pts is not very much! I'm still at 36 so I can't imagine. When I was on WW years ago, the lowest pts I was at was 28. Good for you! Eat lots of veggies and make some 0pt soup!