too busy yesterday...

Yesterday was quite a bit crazy and I did not manage to post.  I was having some fun going through some Podcasts for running (Hi Stacey! :) )  I then got fed up with my nail being way to long for typing and they were way over due for my fill (6+ wks) so I went and got them done.  I received a complement from my nail lady as she noticed the wt. :)  As I was there I finally got the courage to go to a hairdresser and get my hair cut.  *gulp*  2.5 hrs later... it looks awesome!!!  I no longer have a hair due that looks like I am still in the 80's/90's!  Just to fill you in a bit, I grew up in a hair salon because my mom used to be a great hairstylist that went to shows and stuff.  Then she had an accident that crushed part of her cutting hand.  That was it.  I have managed to get my hair cut by her on a good day but extremely rare.  I tend to go through about a yr between haircuts as every time I try to find a new hairdresser, I come out crying.  They have butchered my hair (generally my hair has always been long) and they would chop tonnes off. :(  Or, they would just make so many mistakes, the bad thing about growing up in a salon is you do notice them.  I found one good one 2 yrs ago and then just kept forgetting to get it done.  I went back to see her in Nov last yr and she moved and they did not know where she went.  So, I trimmed my own. :)  So yesterday I finally went somewhere that I heard was good and the owner was an old friend of my mom's. :)  A newer hairstylist, out of school a yr and got hired right on out of school there, cut it and she did wonders!  I was too much in a rush yesterday so I will do it up for a pic here soon. :)  The DH loves it!  lol

Well, continuing my busy day yesterday, I got home just in time for my son to get home from school.  My DH calls and wanted to meet up with us.  So my DS and I headed out.  I came home at 5 pm and ate chili then left for my run for 6 pm.  I was so busy... I forgot to tie my hair back or stick on a hat and to drink water!!!  Needless to say... the hair was not a problem due to not much to fly around, received MANY complements, but got sick from being dehydrated and the chili.  :(  My head hurt so badly and my stomach was terrible!  I stuck it out... but it was truly hard!!!  I came home afterward and guzzled water, ibuprofen, and relaxed.  I know better than to do this and that is the part that is killing me... 

Last night I was looking around at some videos of half and full marathons on the web (specifically the Around the Bay, and Nike's Women Marathon {best ones})and I came across some really good ones that were encouraging and truly inspirational!  I found one marathon, the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fransico (SP?) and was instantly in love with it.  about 15 000 people running!!!  Geez, Saskatoon may get 2000...  I so want to run a really big one one yr for all the excitement.  I checked in to getting in to it this year and no luck.  This yr they expect about 20 000!  They receive a really cool tech shirt and a Tiffany's memorial necklace for finishing!  I will just keep dreaming and hope that one day I can afford to do this run... On a good note though, anyone, anywhere in the world can participate on that day for running a half marathon distance (or was it 19.1k... :S. I will have to go and reread) and get a shirt and a Tiffany's key chain sent to them.  The kicker is that you have to have this distance logged on that day with the Nike+ which is the nano, shoes, and nike kit.  My DH has the nano, but I do not have Nike shoes or the kit for running...  So... is it really worth it?  I have bought 2 new pairs of shoes already this yr and grant it that I will probably be ready or new ones by this Oct.  BUT I have never wore Nikes before... Not since high school and those were not for running - along with the good ol' Reeboks. lol  They both have come far though in the past yrs, just not so sure about them.  So ladies, if you have the equipment, run, run/walk, walk the distance on that day (I will post it the exact day), log it in with the Nike+ stuff, and you have done a half without traveling any where!!! :)  Since this is near the end of October, I think it would be cool to have a few of us accomplish this in our own home towns :) and celebrate the success together.  BTW - the run is for Leukemia.  As I said, run, run/walk, walk the distance and you have done it!  If you have the equipment... then even better because you get all the fancy stuff after. :)  I am doing it with or with out the Nike+ just because I thought it would be cool to do this with others around the world. :)  Edit: I just found a little holder for the Nike shoe sensor so I would not have to buy the Nike shoes. :) My DH is letting me use his Nano so the only thing I bought really was a cheap sensor holder and the Nike+ kit which was just under $40.  Sweet!  So I am planning to do this run anywhere in the world at the same time the Nike women's marathon is!  I also was talking to the workers at the running room and they thought it would be really cool to get a group together here and do it together that day!  I was told to bring it up to the manager and see if something could be arranged.  The Nike site has not posted registration fees yet and the registration will open in May for this.  Now how cool is that to participate in something that you do not even have to travel to and still get a super cool reward. lol :) All it takes is to log your miles/km for the distance that day. :)

Oh, some other running news for me... I just talked to the captain of the Banff-Jasper Relay team that I was interested in and he said on the phone last night that it looks like I may have a spot!!! Wooo Hooo!  This will be my first run away from home and I would have someone from toon town to drive there with and share all expenses! Cheap:)  I am sooo excited!

OK... now that I have gotten my running stories out of the way... too and update on everything else...

Suki is still hanging in there... very weak though and her breathing is starting to get very labored which I think she may be suffering now...  *sniff*

Eating wise, things have been pretty good but yesterday did not eat enough because of the sitting in places way too long and too sick to my stomach last night. :(

Exercise wise, today I have 6 hills to run up and down with a 3k warmup and 3k cool down.  

After my DS heads to school, I am going out for breakfast with some family from out of town, then homework, cleaning, and take my DH to the airport.  Tomorrow is challenge wi day so water and low sodium. :)

No smoking still!!!!

I will catch up on all's blogs when I get back and add my running diary. 

Thurs run: Treadmill because it was too yucky outside, 10.1 km/1:29:55, 6 hills and took it really slow, used the new Nike+ with the run to see how it worked, struggled quite a bit - may need to ease up the next couple of days.

Wed run: BAD, 5.86 km/38.53 mins, avg 177 bpm 6:38 min/km, outside nice out with RR group, dehydrated and ate too soon before my run (chili).


Anonymous said...

It looks like your doing great! Great job on no smoking-WOOOHOOO!!!
Congrats on Banff-Jasper...when is that one? Thanks for the running advise. I'm in chiro for some neck problems and once I get the OK I look forward to starting! My hubby and I want to walk/run the Vegas marathon one year. There is a large turn up and I think it would be a blast!One day....

Sorry to hear about Suki :( I've been there and know how horrible that feels.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Talk about a busy lady!!!! The nike thing sounds so cool and right up your alley!

Froggie-George said...

HOLY CRAP! You are one busy lady!!! :) I think that Nike marathon sounds awesome and congrats on the Banff/Jasper too :)

Make sure you get a pic posted so we can all see your new doo! I just got mine done too lately but am already bored with it..maybe I'll have to try something really different???

I didn't get my workout out in today BUT, I did get the door installed (Like I did anything) lol
That has just inspired me to renovate the porch now (sigh) I've ordered tiles for new flooring which should be here in a week so I will get the painting done next week. New shelves, some hooks and we're ready for summer :)

have a great nite :)

Melanie said...

thanks for stopping by my site and commenting! I was definitely bummed about not getting in for the Nike HM in San Fran.. i secretly (or not so much) was looking most forward to the handsome firemen at the finish line ;)

I am really wanting to do the virtual one though since I missed out, so I will let you know when the registration opens for that one. The Nike+ kit is what got me running and kept me motivated enough to continue long enough to love it. You don't need the shoes and you mentioned, and there are many different holders that you can buy... a lot of ebay if you shop there at all.... so if you're not comfortable running in Nike's, no problem. I honestly love that kit, the challenges are very cool, and the forums and challenges are very motivating.

Congrats on not smoking! It will be 3 years for me in Sept... and I will never go back.... i am loving this running thing way too much, and don't breathe heavy at the top of the stairs... keep up the great work!

It was funny that you mentioned Around the Bay, i was registered for that one, but had to sell my bib.... i got injured just before i completed my first 1/2 on March 2nd, at the Chilly 1/2 in Burlington, Ont. I am just getting back into running again, and trying to build up my distance again slowly for my next 1/2 in Ottawa....

anyway, take care, and having a virtual partner for the virtual 1/2 would be awesome :)