Thanks to all who have asked how she is doing.  I thought yesterday was her day that she chose to go...  I did not see any movement from her out of her hut for a long time and she was unresponsive to her name when called.  I did not have the heart and was not prepared to go in and lift the hut.  Finally at about 6pm I saw movement!  I hurried up and went to her with a nice treat of cheese and called her over.  It was soooo sad because it took her a few times to get the cheese because she kept on missing it.  I think it is only time now....  I am not ready. :(

Well my DH had a good laugh at me last night.  I was reading some posts on the boards and saw that there was an official Wii Fit release date along with price.  So I searched the net for pre-orders in Canada and found it at Toys 'R' Us!  I was so excited and shaking I have been waiting so long.  lol  So I ordered it and was yelling Woooo Hoooo! (with my arms up in the air) Biggest smile on my face.  lol  Yes, I am a little Wii Crazed! :) lol

Today is going to be a cross training workout with the elliptical.  I can't believe I finally made it up to 45 mins on that sucker!  It was not too long ago where I was struggling at 10 mins and had to stop! :)  Wts are also on the program for today.

I am not sure if we are having our eat out Tues tonight since my DH is working.  We have some left over chili from last night and everyone here prefers the chili to anything else. lol

Its -12 right now and they say it is going up to +2 this afternoon.... with no snow or rain in site!! :)  Bike?  You bet!!! lol

I held on strong yesterday with not phoning my ex and not smoking!  Another day down for me. :)

I also came across some running podcasts yesterday and I thought I would share for those that may be interested.  For everyone doing the Couch to 5K, I do not know if you know this but there is a free podcast for your mp3 player at a couple of sites.  For everyone else, there are podcasts on Itunes from Nike and such that are coaching ones.  While the music is going, someone comes in at times and tells you what intensity you should go to now.  I listened to them last night and they would work for walkers too!  A great interval work out that burns more calories. :)  I picked up the Serena Williams interval one and the Lance Armstrong one. :)  I find that this would be a nice change for me on my shorter running days to have a little coach in my ear. :) lol  And to switch things up a bit. :)

run: 4.7k/30:03 mins, interval with Serena, avg 181 bpm 6:24/km, brought Tala, sunny warm and felt great!
Elliptical: 15 mins
wts: 30 mins


Tanya said...

Aww I am sorry about your dog its tough I have been through it myself. My dog was put down 4 years ago and it was so hard.

Sounds like you have a great day planned on. You go girl!

candlerun (htabby) said...

Tanya, she is not one of my dogs... she is my pet rat... She is one of my little snuggle bunnies. :) I am trying to get the courage to put her down, but I just can't bring myself to go do it. :(

Tanya said...

Oh sorry I just assumed dog. Either way its always said to lose a pet.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Hey you! The pod casts sound awesome! You know me, I am a total couch potato! Can I ask you a favor? Can you pick out the perfect podcast for me to download? I was to start running and I have an mp3 player. But like I said, I am in pretty poor shape. (And only if you have time! If not, no worries, I can go the hit and miss route!)

I'm sorry about your pet rat. :( Poor little thing.

Wii fit? Sounds awesome! I can just picture you doing your happy dance! LOL! :)


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Hi again! :) I am very music/downloading/surfing/podcasting stupid! I have been to the itunes website, but I couldn't seem to locate anything that was free.

Is there anyway for you to send me a direct link or something? (Again, I may be showing my lack of technical know-how here!) LOL!

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

You rock! Thanks so much for the further information! :) I will have my computer savy DH download it for me from the one site you mentioned.

I am in Ontario, by the way. :)