Sunny Saturday...

Ahhh... had a good sleep, woke up and the sun is just a shining this morning. :)

Yesterday ended up being a really good day for everything.  Food choices were good, I got tonnes of water in, went for a small bike ride, discussed Pokemon with my son :s, first bbq of the season :), and got some reading in.  Life was good.

Today is going to be a nice easy day for me with my long run tomorrow.  Another 16k...  it is an adjustment week so the body can catch up a a bit before next weeks jump to 18k. :)  With the temp going up to be around +16, I might even wear my new sportskirt. :)  So, if you see anything on the news about people seeing a white ghost... its me! lol  I think I may look for my sunless tanner here just so I am not so white.... :)

I am really starting to notice big changes in my body now with my stomach and my arms. :) The little fat pockets by my arm pits are slowly getting smaller....  instead of 2 extra looking 'girls,' they now resemble small hills. lol  My shoulders no longer resemble a man's as much and are actually looking more girly. :)  I have forgotten to take my measurements the last bit here so I must remember to do that today.  One big thing that I am noticing is my scar on my hip.  I have this 8" scar there from having a rod in my left leg that was there after my accident.  I had shattered my left femur... (one of MANY injuries and sadly not the worst one...)  Well this scar has alway been like a huge long inward dimple on my hip which I see as not being attractive at all... especially in the summer time.  Well, even the last time I lost wt... this scar still dimpled lots.  Now, it is smoother and does not dent in so much!  A huge body changing nsv for me. :)

Well, as I said earlier, today is just an easy day and I really should take down the x-mass decorations outside... I never did that yet.  It is really starting to be embarrassing...  I might also find something for my son and I to do.  I was thinking maybe getting him outside for a bit and the both of us go for a small bike ride before he can't ride this bike anymore... he is not a typical boy outside on his bike all the time and in the last 3 yrs he has gone bike riding maybe 8 times!!!!  I already have his first bike on the hanger in the garage still looking brand new and by the looks of things, this one is just about grown out of too... still new looking...  Oh well... I have been meaning to have a garage sale here at some pt... I guess this is the yr to do it. :)

Other than that, I have some good food choices planned with another bbq for supper. :)  Gotta love this weather. :)

Non-Smoker. :)

Well, I found out today that I still have some passes left at the gym for hot yoga and they are expired in a couple of days!!!  So.... off I went to hot yoga!  It was a good thing that it was not the regular instructor as this spare did not push us too hard and I did not really push myself either. :)  Just enough to get a nice stretch in - no strengthening.  So, I talked to the desk there and they said they could give me a one week extension.  Whew!  This does mean now though that I have to go Monday night and next Saturday to make sure I use up my passes...  So between the really small easy bike ride with my son and hot yoga... I hope tomorrow's long slow run of 16k will be ok....  *gulp!*  :)

Hot Yoga: 90 mins


JavaChick said...

Sounds like you have a great day planned! The weather is not so nice here (grey and rainy) but I am so glad the weekend is here that I don't mind too much. Just about ready to hit the treadmill and get my workout over with for the day.

Have a great weekend!

Froggie-George said...

Glad to hear you're doing well :)

The sun is shining here too with a high of I think 12. Tomorrow is supposed to be 22 with Monday being 23!!! Wow! I guess it's time to pull out the capri's. I'm expecting them to fit better this year so cross your fingers.

Tom is heading into Saskatoon/Prince Albert today with the band so have big plans with cleaning our carpet in the living room. This damn puppy thinks it's her own private bathroom. YUCK! With the rest of the house being hardwood, she's getting confused. If it doesn't clean up, I might just pull the whole thing out. It's ugly anyway and we're wanting to put in a new one but no point now until she grows a brain :)

Yesterday went to Lulu but was way too expensive for me to buy anything. Will wait until I reach point in putting out the cash when I will hopefully fit into much smaller sizes.

Well have a great day and enjoy your bbq :)