As I expected...

... official wi and challenge wi today and I am up 1.2 lbs which makes me at 126.6 which is OK with me. :)  I knew the wt came off a bit too fast there for a bit...  Also, this week was TOM, I know I did not have my usual amount of water this week, AND my DH brought home OPA last night for supper!  Realistically, OPA is not that bad except for the sodium and the tzaziki sauce that they put on it.  The sauce and the white pita bread were really not core.  As I said, I am OK with the gain and I know this puts me back in the 'safer zone' of losing wt. :)  My body could also be slowing down now in the wt loss due to all the muscle that I am putting on.  I did miss one work out this week due to being sick too AND maybe a bit of overtraining symptoms prior (fast loss of wt).  So, I guess there are lots of factors on why I went back up. lol  Oh ya!  I did eat every pt allowed to me this week also in the end. :)

I had to think there for a bit what day it was here... lol  Glad it is friday. :)

I am still in the inspirational mode here from the movie. :)  So, I can see a great workout coming my way.  Today is stationary bike and wts tonight, I may slip in a super easy recovery jog with Tala this morning because she really looked hurt the last couple of days when I did not take her (too far for her yet).  :(  30 mins max is all I am going to do there. :)  And as I said, SUPER easy as I do not want to over train. :)

Well, I have never changed my official wi day before... so this should be interesting...  I was a bit leery about it this morning when I saw the scale, but I know this will be better for fueling up days (Saturday) before my long slow runs on Sunday.

Food wise for today, I am still not quite sure except for my breakie. :)

Austin ended up staying home yesterday because he was sick and I am waiting her to see how he is this morning if he needs another day off or not.  The one thing about cold meds and his regular meds... the cold negates his other meds and things get quite interesting around here.  I keep on telling him that he needs to relax on the couch... but ends up running around in his self-made ninja costume... lol He has such a hard time controlling himself...  and when he can't calm down when he is sick... that is when we end up in the hospital.  When I talked with the school and his EA last night, they both had said to watch for Foot and Mouth because it is in the school right now.  Maybe keeping him home another day might not be such a bad idea.... :S

Well time to check up on him and to see what I should do.  Another mommy/son day would be nice. :)

Oh ya!  Hills yesterday... I worked so hard on trying the positive self talk doing them!  I made it!  All six times up and down. :)  It was funny because when I started there were these city workers setting up on the side of the road doing something and ended up cheering me on as I kept on running up them.  I know they must have thought I was crazy or something (Stacie... I vote for the crazy too!  lol)  but they kept on saying 'how many more left?' and cheering.  It was just a bit creepy... but it was really great and helpful also.  My time also improved running them as I went to the hill that I used to train on.  The warmup and cool down trail is flatter and it is away from the downtown area of the city.  The hill street is also less busy and a smoother road surface.

OK.. did I talk your head off yet?  lol

Non-Smoker :)

run: easy 30 mins morning with Tala, temp +8 and sunny, 3.97km/27:33 mins, avg 147 bpm 6:53 min/km, it turned out to be a bit faster than I wanted. :(  Need to focus on staying on a slower pace on recovery runs.
stationary bike: 60 mins tonight
wts: 30 mins tonight


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Glad to hear the positive attitude with the small gain. I love that you are right back on it!

I just remembered that I wanted to tell you - has a show on-line called True Life. You have to go to TV Shows, Browse All Shows and True Life. One of the shows is about Autisim and Aspburgers. I found it very touching. Maybe you've seen a million of these shows and you are not interested. I found it so interesting to see this teens living fulfilling lives and expressing what it's like to live with autism. (I made me a little sad too. Especially the "Help me Dad." part.)

The road worker thing is funny! Kinda hard to give up at 5 hills when you have people counting! LOL!

I hope your son is feeling better soon!

(Have I talked your head off!?!) LOL!