Hilly Thursday...

That's right... it is hill day for me today. I just have to keep saying to myself... I love hills, I love hills... :)

Well as you can see from last night I was super hyper after the movie and had a hard time going to sleep afterwards, but when I did fall asleep though... I fell hard. :)  Yesterday I was updating the Garmin to see if that would help it with the accuracy and stuff... well last night's run, it refused to catch on to a satelite. :(  So it was just the Nike and me.... worked out well. :)  I also noticed that the heart rate strap needs a new battery also, so I am going to pick up one of those before I head off to run hills this morning before the rain starts.

Well by glancing at the scale this am, my wt has gone back up a bit and  that is ok with me... I knew that the wt loss the last couple of weeks would catch up sooner or later... it is TOM right now so I know that could be part of the reason also... that or all the extra sodium I had.... lol  It's all good anyways. :)

Today is lots of water though and watching the sodium as tomorrow is challenge wi day and my first official ww wi day being on a Friday.  Let's see how this works out. :)

Food wise things have been going well and I am trying to make sure that I am eating more pts.  It was a bit hard to do it when I was not feeling so great but I did it.  As I was saying to Stacie though... just as she felt, it was like the food was just sticking around in the stomach...  Today is a much better day again and I think things are past me now.

Well, off to get my things ready here before I get my son up.

Non-Smoker :)

run: 6 X hills, 9.62km/1:08:29, avg 165 bpm 7:07 min/km, cool and slightly rainy out, ran at my old hill on that I used to train on, way better doing warmup, cool down, and hills there.


Tanya said...

Let me know how the hills go for you, you can do it!!!!! One day I would like to be a runner.

Are you doing weight watchers online or going to meetings?

Tanya said...

How do you edit the starting weight? I was trying to fiqure it out this morning and I am lost.

Thanks for the support. I may take you up on the offer of a running help sometime soon.

Tanya said...

That worked! Thank you so much!

I am doing weight watchers online on the US site because its cheaper. Anyways when I reset it it let me do the points quiz this time. Last time it just told me I got 22 points a day. Now it says
24 a day. Kind of strange.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Hills? You are either very in shape or very crazy. (I haven't decided which one yet. LOL!) I'm leaning towards crazy. Haha! Just kidding. :)

My whole stomach thing settled down after a few days. The doc gave me some rinidadine (sp?) to help and it does. Hopefully you will be better soon. It's such a gross feeling eh? Blech!

My first run is tonight! I am so excited! I have my mp3 all charged up and ready to go! :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck running the hills! How was the movie? All you expected? Hope your tummy bug is gone for good =)