Spirit of the Marathon

I am sooooo excited!!! I get to go to my movie tonight! lol  Wooo Hooo! :)  For anyone interested in knowing what it is about the title of my post is linked to the movie website.   Ahhhhh... this is going to be so much fun.  I get to go for a nice steady quick jog and then head off to watch it.  How perfect timing does that get. :)  OK.... That movie was AWESOME!!!!!  It was a nail biter right to the bitter end, had heart aches, triumphs, cheering, laughter....  I SO am going to be getting this when it is release this fall!!!!  All I can say is WOW!!!! K.... now you can laugh at me. :)  lol  What an inspiration and now I want to do another full marathon now and in a BIG CITY with LOTS of people.... The excitement was just unbelievable....

Today my DH and I are going to be taking his partner to Boston Pizza for lunch.  We were thinking about supper, but my night is pretty full already and it would have to be a super quick and early supper if we did.  I already have my lunch planned on what I am having... Lime Shrimp Skewers!  With 3 Skewers and a salad with hardly any dressing at all... 6 pts baby! :)  I'll take that thank you. :) Actually it worked out to be 4 pts all in total!! :)  It was sooooo good!!! lol

So, as if you have not already figured it out, I am running tonight with the running room for about 6k.  I should be rested up well as yesterday I just could not get rid of my headache. :(  Today is MUCH better. :)

My DS came home yesterday with some very happy news... he just received 98% on his math test!!!!  This is something that does not happen too much.  Granted he has extra time for exams and is provided scribing help or assistance to understand the question, he still did super awesome in my books. :)  So, last night was his choice for eat out Tuesdays and he picks Wendy's. :)  No problem.... Chicken Mandarin Salad, super low in pts and tasty to boot. :)

Well thanks to Froggie-George to giving me the bug yesterday, lol as you can see I was playing a bit with my blog again.  Do you know how hard it was to try and figure out the dimensions of the header is?  No matter what I do, the pic never does reach completely to the top.... :(  oh well... maybe some wizard will come along and give me a few tips. :)

Well, I am off to get my DS ready for school here.  

I will be adding to today's post after I watch my movie tonight. :)

Have fun!

Non-Smoker :)

run: 5.45 km/38:?, avg 7.01 km/min (I have to recheck this-forgot) :) Little slower tonight as I had no idea what my pace was and I was running with a new person with a bit of a knee problem. :)


Tanya said...

Congrats to your son that is awesome for him. You must be so proud. Does he have a learning disablity?

Awesome choice for Boston Pizza. Whenever I got there I usually go way over my points.

I hope you enjoy the movie tonight!

Tanya said...

I am so happy he did so well. I was asking because my brother has dsylexia(sp) I know he had a hard time in school because of it.

Yeah I am trying to make an effort to post on my blog every work day. Once my laptop gets here I am going to try and post everyday. I find writing on it and reading your blog and couple others that post daily really keeps me on track.

Froggie-George said...

Congrats to your son for getting such an excellent mark in math :)

Have fun on your run tonight and see...isn't it fun to change the look of ye ol' blog once in a while? :)lol Although, I know it I change it toooooo much!

Have a great day :)

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

That's so awesome for your son! Good for him! :)

You sound like you have such an amazing day planned! You get out there and do your thang! :)

Have an good one!

p.s. nice work planning ahead with eating out! :)