Snow... AGAIN!!!!!

:(  Well yesterday I ended up heading out during lunch time which was a bit later than I intended to.  I wish I would have looked at the weather station earlier and that would have got me going.  You see I went out for my run during a weather snow storm advisory!  Let's just say that there was heavy winds, rain, sleet and snow...  It made it for a very cold hard run but I kicked it's butt anyways. :)  My friend came half way through and let me warm up in her vehicle for 5 mins and filled up my water bottle.  Gotta love friends like that. :)  Yesterday during the run I also opened up my stride for a bit and instead of doing my usual shuffle, and did not look at what pace I was doing the whole time.  I had my route all mapped out (which ended up being a little off - oops) and ran at what felt comfortable.  I now know I can run this distance at a faster yet comfortable pace.  So far I am still on track for hitting my goal of running my 1/2 in under 2.5 hrs!!! :)  I so can not wait. :)  The new drink I tried yesterday ELoad - worked out well and was quite mild on the stomach.  I think I may have found a new winner to have besides my water on my long runs. :)

Well I ate every AP that I earned and only 5 extra FPs for the day so I did not go as overboard as I thought I would.  I am debating about heading to hot yoga here this afternoon to get a good stretch out... but looking outside this morning... I am not too sure if I want to head out there.  It is all white out there again.  Really depressing... but I am not going to let it get me down. :(  Will this ever quit!  This stuff has to be gone by tomorrow... I seriously do not remember a spring storm hanging on for sooooo long!  Well at least this much snow anyways in this many of times.

My plans for the day is to get a good stretch in even if I go to hot yoga or not, some laundry, house cleaning, and maybe a trip to the grocery store later.  I should be having quite the healthy day food wise as it is all planned and ready to go. :)  Other than that... some good ol' R&R. :)

Tomorrow... fun race! :) 5k baby and even though the course is going to be a tough one, it is going to be a good one. :)

Thanks everyone yesterday for all the congrats!  It meant a lot to me... :)


Tanya said...

You are awesome going running in the snow, you go girl. Thanks for all the support I really apprecaite. You are my cheering squad! I am feeling a lot better today! I know I can do this.

Melanie said...

can't believe you still have all that white stuff!!! good luck tomorrow, and have fun!

Natasha said...

Kudos to you for running in the storm! I would have turned around and gone home =) Have a great fun race tomorrow..hope the weather is better for you!