Fun Run Sunday!!

Well, this is it... my first (kinda) race of the season.  It is a so called 'fun' race, but I have the jitters already. lol  The race is put on by the Saskatoon Roadrunner's Association here and we are to meet at Brainsport first before starting the race at the top of the Broadway bridge.  Well, I have to describe this Brainsport store.  I have always been a bit nervous going in there because it always seemed that just the faster runners, the true athletes go there.  They have wonderful service and a wealth of knowledge... but I just felt intimidated.  When I went their this time to get my new runners instead of the usual Running Room, I felt much more comfortable there.  I still have my jitters though. :)  I must add that this race will most probably be a fast one as everyone is seeing what time they can get in their 5 or 10 distance to base their training on... *double gulp* :)  I will most probably be one of the back of the packers for sure... which is all good with me - cause that's MY spot! lol

The weather is 0 right now with a high of +9 for the afternoon and by the looks of it I will be running when it is +5-6 with a wind of 15km/hr.  Race is at 1 pm.  Ok... I can do this.  The snow has pretty much cleared up in the main areas and depending if we are running on the trail or the road will determine if there will be any snow to contend with.  They say that we are starting on the top of the Broadway Bridge which is a little scary because this may be the end of the race - going up the steepest bridge in the city... *gulp*  But heh... I should be able to do this... I have trained on bigger hills. :)

Well, time to have my breakie. :)  I will let you know later how things went.  Later on today, my son and I are going to enjoy a nice bike ride around the neighborhood. :)