Back to 100 lbs loss!

I am so doing a happy dance right now!  It is official this morning that I am now back down to 100 lbs lost from my highest wt! :)  The scale registered 124.4 lbs this morning and I was very happy that I had managed to get over the hump that I was feeling earlier this week. :)  On this journey, my total wt loss is 22.2 lbs!  It is so time to celebrate here.... :)

This morning I will be heading out for my long slow run of 18k and I am going to start from my house this time.  I will be on my own so I have mapped my route and told my husband where I am going to be.  For this run I will be introducing a new drink to try along with my water to see if this helps me with my sodium issues while running (I lose sodium fast).  I normally do not worry about it but starting at this amount of km, I am going to give it a shot.  I will be taking my normal power jelly beans (couple) and two small pcs of granola bar.  That should tide me through as I am going to be running for about 2:15 hrs outside doing my 10:1's.  I am feeling great this morning with no aches and pain, just a little tired from a restless sleep (someone was snoring heavily last night... and it wasn't me) ;)

After I am done my run, drink my chocolate milk, get all stretched up, ice if needed, and get all cleaned up, I am going to enjoy a good lunch. :)  There will be about 13-14 APs to be eaten on top of my normal. lol ;)

The rest of today I am not quite sure of yet.  There won't be too much done strenuous wise because I have to make sure that the rest of today and tomorrow I recover well from today's run with my 5k fun race on Sunday.

Yesterday, my son's Running Mania zippered hoodie arrived and he was really happy with it.  I bought it for him to show how happy I was that he is getting outside and doing something like the biking and going to do a kids 1k race on Canada Day. :)  The only person I do not have decked out yet is my husband... You see, when I do my 1/2 marathon here in the end of May, I would like to have a good orange cheering section for me. :)  There is always a sea of Running Room clothing mostly with the odd Brainsport one on races and run/walk events here and I am going to break that monopoly up. :)  There are hardly any Saskatchewan people involved with the Running Mania (a great running forum and support site for runners and such) and I am going to wear my colors with pride.  So if any of the Sk people out there see any pics at the end of next month with a girl wearing an orange shirt or tank top, bright orange socks, and some fake tattoos, that's me! :) And hopefully I do not embarrass myself too much during the race. :)

I am starting to get really excited now about the half.  There is only 3 long runs left including todays for this schedule and depending on how it goes, it will determine what races I for sure go in next. 

Well, not much else here besides a happy wi, planned good food, and some good ol' R & R before Sunday.

run: 19.4 km/2:16:03 mins, avg 159 bpm 7:00 min/km, cold wet run and really windy, opened up my stride and ran at a comfortable pace with out looking at what pace I was doing.  Good run though


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

You are truly inspiring! I love the goals you set for yourself and how active you are. Twenty-two pounds is an awesome thing to celebrate! Good for you!

I totally feel pumped after reading your blog!

Good luck on your run! It's a beautiful day here, I hope it's nice there as well.

Yeah, the knee is strange. I don't have any idea what I did. I am resting today, and running on Saturday. DH is away on business this coming week, so running will be harder with nobody to watch the children. I want to get in as much running before he leaves as I can. I was thinking that I would do my two consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday. But I won't push it if my knee still feels screwed up.

Chat more on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Tanya said...

Congrats on having 100lbs lost again. Have a good time on your run, I can't imagine running that far but good for you. Have a great day!

JavaChick said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You have done so well, it is definitely inspiring. I hope you have a great run, and enjoy eating those APs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Great job on the 22lbs and back to a total of 100! Have a fabulous run!

Melanie said...

congrats on the weight loss!!! that's awesome! :)