It's warming up!

Woke up this morning and the sun is shining.  The weather is looking like we are going to have some nicer days ahead.  Today is a rest day for me besides biking to the movie store to return some movies.  My long run of 18k is tomorrow and I should be nice and rested for that one.  It is going to be done probably slower than usual as I just want the distance in and also because I have a a bit of a run race on Sunday.

I was just checking the Roadrunner's site and the time and location has changed from before.  It looks like it may be a harder course with a nice hill on the end of it. :(  So I am not sure if I am going to be able to beat my time on a 5k or not. :( :(

Scale wise, I peaked again and things are looking even better for me.  I had a healthy day yesterday and I hope to continue today so that it stays at this wt or may be goes lower...  only time will tell. :)

My one dog decided that she like to counter surf all of a sudden now. :(  My almost 4 yr old, Cleo, has eaten a few meals on the counter the last couple of days.  I have to make sure that everything is put way far back or she goes in there and helps herself.  Last night I had to make an extra plate because she decided mine was hers.  It's funny because she knows that she has done wrong and goes and hides after she has done it.  I hope she is not revolting because we have not done agility this year yet...  She loves her agility. :)  So I have to work on that with her.

Tonight I have a meeting that is for all parents in the gr. 6-8 of my son's school for a camp that they are going to in the beginning of June.  I will probably be gone all 3 days there since they always request that someone from our family is their because of my son's designation.  So I will be volunteering for a couple of things.  Just don't know what I want to do yet.  The students love when I am the cabin mom because the girls love the stories at night. :)

My husband left yesterday morning for Regina to work and will be back later today.  He is being sent out of town so much that anytime that I want to work, I can't because he is not home for my son in the morning.  I think I may have to come up with some other alternatives now for these types of situations.

Boy I am just rambling this morning... this must be a little boring. :)

For the rest of today, I am going to be working on cleaning up the basement and clearing out and unplugging the fridge downstairs.  We don't have anyone living down there and can't till repairs are done, so the area has been used for games, workout room, study room and such.  I was putting some extra stuff in there, but we all keep forgetting about it.  oops! :)  So I am just going to unplug the old thing and be done with it.

Well, since wi is tomorrow, I am going to work extra hard to make sure that it is a core day, watch the sodium, and up the water.  Let's see what tomorrow brings. :)


Tanya said...

Thanks for your support I really need it. My goal for today is to take the stairs everywhere at work. We are going out for another dinner tonight for my grandparents 60th Anniversary so I am planning ahead I have 12 points left for dinner. I think I am just going to get a salad with no chicken and dressing on the side. That should keep me on track for the day.