... I am tired today...  the dogs decided they HAD to get up at 6 am this morning.... :(  I even went to bed at 9:30 last night.  Maybe I can get a nap in here sometime today...

Yesterday's bike ride was pretty fun.  We went to get my son a new helmet and we found him a nice fancy one, came home and wore it straight away, and was like aren't we going now?  My husband decided to go with us.  It wasn't a very long bike ride, because my husband was injured a bit on his leg from work so he was in a bit of pain with his one leg muscle.

After my son is done school today, since the weather is going to be nice again, we are going to head out again just my son and I.  It was nice last night because my son was actually tired for once at bed time. :)

Today is going to be a rest day except for the bike ride and hot yoga tonight in which I am not going to push myself very much at all.... my shoulder's are still a bit sore from Saturday's session. :(  If my passes were not expiring... I would not be going.

Food wise, we had another wiener roast on the bbq last night and tonight we are going to be bbq'ing some Kabobs.  

Other than that, not much else today besides getting some homework done, a bit of groceries, and cleaning.  Just another weekday here... I was hoping to work tomorrow but my husband will be out of town for the day tomorrow so that cancels that.  I would have to leave the house before my son goes to school and he is not ready for that yet.

oh... I was just looking at how many pts I am now... 18!!!!!!  I am back tracking on the flex plan for now.... (I kinda have always been just to make sure I was not eating WAY too much) BUT still eating core as much as possible.  There has been too many things happening lately that it has been a bit hard.  I will be switching back here though soon. :)

Non-smoker! :)

Hot yoga